Monserrate Says He Will Cooperate In Senate Probe


The office of Sen. Hiram Monserrate, D-Queens, responded in a brief statement to the Senate’s plans to convene a special panel to investigate what steps it may take after his conviction last week of misdemeanor assault against his girlfriend.

“In response to today’s announcement of the formation of a State Senate Review Committee, Senator Monserrate and his attorneys expect to cooperate fully,” the statement reads. “Senator Monserrate respects Conference Leader John Sampson’s and the Democratic Conference decision to review the matter.”


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  1. What choice does he have, either come out with this innocuous statement, or barricade himself in a barn and say he won’t be taken alive?

  2. This guy is garbage. He is real brave beating upa woman and cutting her. She is probably scared to death of him, and he has probably already threatened her to keep quiet or else. I hope she has the sense to leave him.
    We don’t need idiots like this in office, and I hope they put him out. He needs to be in jail where the men can take care of him.

  3. The guy is garbage but since he was convicted of a misdemeanor and not a felony — I don’t see why he should be removed from office. The fact is voters will have a chance to vote him out of office when he comes up for re-election. They and not his colleagues should make that decision.

  4. Your opinion, which is commonplace inside and outside of politics, is why we have Adam Clayton Powells, Charles Rangels, and Joe Brunos running things for decades with no ethical standards other than bringing rotted pork back to the hungry crooks in their districts, and also why there is diminishing respect- for or belief- in the process. Throughout history, these are the seeds for the growth of violent revolution.