Paterson Pushes Same-Sex Marriage, But Won’t Predict If It Will Pass


After giving a well-received speech at the Empire State Pride Agenda’s annual dinner last night, Gov. David Paterson headed to Syracuse today where he wouldn’t predict if the same-sex marriage bill will pass the Senate.

Paterson reiterated that he will put the legislation on the special session calendar, but when asked if the votes are there to pass it in the Democratic-led Senate, he said that it’s not for him to answer.

“I would not really be in a position to answer that question right now,” he said. “I just know that the advocates asked me to put the bill on the calendar along with the other unfinished bills that would have been on the calendar in June. And I complied with that.”

He also was asked about the decision last night to no longer require health-care workers to get the H1N1 vaccine.

While his press release last night indicated the suspension of the program was because of a shortage of the vaccine, he said today that was only part of it, saying they also didn’t want to put anyone out of work.

“I think health-care workers service people and part of the protocol of a health-care worker is that you don’t want to put anyone in the position of being further infected,” he said.

“But what I think is the case is that the health-care worker should face penalties or even job loss in this difficult health-care emergency crisis, I think was a little over the top.”

Asked he received a flu shot, he said he didn’t because he’s allergic, but said he would like to get the H1N1 shot when it becomes available to the general population.


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