Conservative Long backs Astorino


New York State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long today called on Westchester voters to support Rob Astorino, even though he’s not on that party line in the Nov. 3 race for county executive.

In making his plea today in Yonkers, Long called it a “terrible injustice” and said voters shouldn’t be hoodwinked  or fooled into supporting County Executive Andrew Spano, who earlier this year received the county’s party endorsement despite several legal challenges and opposition from some of its members.

Watch the video here.

Long, who wrote a letter to registered Conservatives in the county, said when the Westchester County Conservative Party leaders endorsed Spano, they made a mockery of the process. Here’s an excerpt:

“The Conservative Party line has been hijacked in the race for Westchester County Executive. As a result, the conservative in the contest, Rob Astorino, will not be appearing on the Conservative Party line. Instead, liberal incumbent Andy Spano will appear on the Conservative line at your polling place.”

Spano’s campaign called Long’s intervention nothing more than “political shenanigans” and said legal challenges were thrown out by the courts.

“If Mr. Long is so concerned about the Conservative decision to endorse County Executive Andy Spano, he should have come out against it eight years ago, when as chairman his party chose to endorse Mr. Spano then as well,” the Spano camp said in a written statement. “This year’s endorsement also reflects the support of Westchester Conservatives for Spano’s fiscally responsible record of keeping taxes low, cutting the budget and reducing county staff. Spano’s fiscal responsibility is also why Westchester is New York State’s only AAA Bond-Rated County.”


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  1. There are only two “conservatives” in Westchester who will vote for Spano – Gail Burns and Nick Spano – that is, if either of them bother to vote at all. If a Republican gets in, (as is true with the State), they’ll simply change clothes and become Republicans again.

  2. Michael Long has been lost for years now, he really has no clue what it takes to be the Conservative Party leader. God help us! The Conservative Party leadership in Westchester did what they thought was best for the party and the county. The Conservative Party leadership in Westchester County understands that if they teamed up with Doc Cavallo and Sam Zherka they would be stained forever. Sometimes decesions need to be made that are best for the long term and people need not be short sighted.

  3. How is backing Rob Astorino teaming up with Cavallo and Zherka? Some people go to bed and wake up thinking of nothing but Sam Zherka. It’s a waste of time and energy. How long are we all going to live that we have another four years to waste with Spano and his duplicitous minions?

  4. The corruption of the Westchester Conservative organization is a story that goes back about a dozen years. Giving a “tax-em-to-death,” baby-killing Democrat, who has signed on to the Working Families/ACORN socialist agenda, the Conservative line was just the last straw for Mike Long.
    Here’s a video of the 11-minute press conference.

  5. Note: The YouTube video in the main post runs less than a minute, and has a weak audio track. The Vimeo video posted by Howie runs 11 minutes, and has a very clear audio track.

  6. how do you endorse a person who has made this county the
    HIGHEST TAXED in THE COUNTRY, spano is NO conservative.

  7. What a shame that Long did not come out earlier when the Conservatives where having trouble with Gail Burns. On News 12 she said 70% of the conservative leaders were for Spano. I say BS. She had proxies that were old the first time and proxies that had alleged forgeries the second time. Too bad the judge didn’t entertain this. Too risky for the judge.
    Well I got new for you MS. Burns and your so called friend Nickie. Rob is going to win without the Conservative line. The Conservatives know that their line has been stolen by you and your liberal candidate.
    All vote on Nov 3rd on the Republican line for the real Conservative!!!!

  8. Cheating is cheating on

    I love to watch local partisan hacks try to muddy the waters with all sorts of stuff about Sam Zherka blah blah blah.

    As smartporpoise said – the Conservative Party endorsing Andy Spano over Rob Astorino has nothing to do with Zherka, Cavallo or anyone else. Its a case of dishonesty and cheating, nothing else. Parties can cheat all they want and I couldn’t care less, if we, the tax payers, didn’t have to pay for their primaries.

    Andy Spano is corrupt and out of touch. We spend over one thousand dollars a DAY on his “bodyguards”. His Democratic Committee members are cheating in Yonkers in the Sandy Annabi / Jose Alvarado contest and his cronies in the Conservative Party are cheating Rob Astorino out of a line on the ballot he earned.

    THis whole County’s politicians remind me of New Orleans or Chicago or something. 90% of them are dirty as the day is long and the only people who support them on these blogs COLLECT A PAYCHECK FROM THEM!

    I’m voting For Rob Astorino Virginia Perez Sandy Annabi and every other candidate on the ballot who does NOT associate with Andy Spano.

  9. all of this demonstrates the inherent danger in allowing
    cross endorsements…we would not be having this discussion
    if the republican astorino were simply running against the
    liberal democrat..but because new york is only one of six
    states to permit minor parties to cross endorse, we empower
    the leader of those minor parties with far more authority
    than they would have by virtue of the number of voters actually registered in that party…we let people like giulio cavalo thrust judges like jos allesandro on the republican party, we let cavalo and zherka combine to
    deprive the republican dan schorr of the IND line based
    on the rantings of the guardian…there should be a full
    and complete investigation by the attorney general of
    the amounts contributed to the IND club..and how that money
    was spent going back for at least 5 years…there should
    also be an investigation into the amounts contributed to
    the IND dinner by candidates for office over the same period
    of time and where that money has gone

  10. I’m glad that Polly Rothstein, the founder of the Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion and a sleazy anti-Catholic bigot, lived to see Rob Astorino, a pro-life, Catholic Republican, get elected Westchester County Executive.

    It was also funny to see Nick Spano, who backed Andy Spano, lose another one.