Yonkers Inspector General releases critical report of charity involving candidate


Yonkers Inspector General Philip Zisman released a report today critical of a charity run by city employees and he accused them of mismanagement and negligence.

In his report he mentioned that he interviewed Republican Jim Castro-Blanco, a candidate seeking to unseat incumbent Democrat Chuck Lesnick,  Yonkers’ City Council president.

Castro-Blanco represented the Yonkers Alliance for Latino and Immigrant Services last year when the charity failed to pay unemployment and workers compensation insurance to the state.

Some might question the timing of the report just days before the election.

““There was no political reason,” Zisman said this afternoon. “We had worked on it for a long time and we were finished.”

Castro-Blanco said he first heard of Zisman’s report this morning.

“You wrote an article quite a while ago regarding YALIS’ problems with the State of New York,” Castro-Blanco wrote in an email. “I was retained solely to resolve those issues.  I was pleased to negotiate an extremely favorable resolution with the State that saved a worthwhile organization many thousands of dollars.”

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  1. Fernando Fuentes on

    I wish the Yonkers Community could get rid of Amicone now…(Recall)

    Fernando Fuentes
    Former Yonkers City Councilmember

  2. wronged student on

    I wish Fernando Fuentes didn’t steal so much money (excess of $1 million) from the Yonkers Public Schools and it’s students in order to afford a lavish home in sunny Florida.

    -Disgruntled Yonkers Public Schools student