Poll: County Executive Race Close


tjndc5-5b5s2yj5m7qzjyy9ezi_thumbnailA recent poll conducted by Regional News Network and Sienna Research Institute shows County Executive Andrew Spano and his Republican opponent Rob Astorino in a close battle.

Spano leads Astorino 47 percent to 41 percent with another 11 percent of likely voters remaining undecided — there’s a margin of error of 4.5 percent.

Also in that poll, 47 percent of responders gave Spano a favorable rating while 46 percent gave him an unfavorable one. Another 7 percent were undecided or had no opinion.

Astorino garnered a 37 percent approval rating and 15 percent unfavorable. Roughly 49 percent had no opinion on Astorino or didn’t know him.

Forty-five percent of the 483 respondents said Westchester County was headed in the wrong direction; 38 percent said it’s headed in the right direction and 17 percent didn’t know or had no opinion.

Fifty one percent said property taxes was the most important issues in the race, 29 percent said county government spending was and another 8 percent said the federal housing settlement was.

For more on the RNN poll, click here.


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  1. the consultant on

    rob is in position to win the election..among non party
    registered voters 60% have a negative opinion of andy
    spano…46% of all voters have a negative opinion..
    incumbants never do well when their negatives are that high

  2. Astorino has low name recogintion and that will lead to his demise. The fact that he is looked at as a liar and someone people do not trust will lead to his demise. Astorino cannot win this race.

  3. Hey, Tom – Assume a name and adhere to it. You’re running around like an elf with a peashooter, hiding behind trees trying to convince the ignorant that you compromise a battalion.

  4. the consultant on

    Tom is just plain wrong..you cannot extrapolate from the
    poll that astorino can’t win for the follwing statistical

    1. you do not know who will turn out..ie are motivated
    anti tax and spend voters going to vote in large
    per centages than those who are “happy” the way things are

    2. among non party registered voters spano’s negatives
    are absolutely too high and amongh all voters they are 46%
    incumbants do not usually win re-election under these

    3. the poll did not and nor can you tell us whether
    astorino is climbing ..the poll is a snapshot of a single
    point in time..and therefore astorino who is spending
    dollars this last week may very well be moving up

    4. the poll may be failing to measure passion..ie those
    who are angry may be more passionate about their anger
    then those who say they support spano

    5. you cannot factor in the anti obama sentiment that is
    on the rise…a case of buyers’s remorse for those of us
    who thought that obama would be a moderate post partisan
    president not a government takeover leftist..and one way
    to undo what voters did last november is to vote against
    an incumbant tax and spend liberal like andy spano

    6. astorino’s name id is not relevant to ousting an unpopular incumbant..remember george pataki…mario
    cuomo lost..pataki didn’t win

    7. and finally the poll may simply have it wrong..
    did you examine the sample and the questions…no
    of course you did not..do you know how the sample
    is pulled..no of course you do not..

    ie in the absence of any conclusions with regard to
    the above your opinion is a guess…not based in anything
    empirical..and not worth five cents in the world
    of statistical analysis

  5. Fighting Fritz on

    You guys are gonna twist like Pretzels trying to figure out how Astorino will win. On Wednesday a.m., you’ll twist like Pretzels trying to argue why Spano won. It’s A Democratic County, my friends. Republicans are not and will not win anymore. Their day is over.

  6. I can’t wait to go vote against Spano tomorrow.
    I’ve never voted in a county executive race before.