Campaign Cash For Same-Sex Marriage


NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney was able to pull together how much money gay-rights groups and supporters contributed to state legislative campaigns last year in an effort to legalize same-sex marriages, according to state campaign finance reports.

The Senate voted 24-38 on Wednesday to reject the bill.

At least $620,000 came from groups like the Empire State Pride Agenda, Human Rights Campaign, Log Cabin Republicans and wealthy gay-rights activists Tim Gill and Jon Stryker.

Another $354 million appears to be money sent from around the country to legislators who were targeted by advocates as supporters of gay marriage, but can’t be confirmed for sure.

So sticking with the $620,000 pot, more than $462,000 went to Senate Democratic candidates and the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee (DSCC) — which received $231,000 to help them win the majority for the first time since 1965. The Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee (DACC) received about $51,000. The Assembly has passed the bill three times.

Here’s a breakdown of which candidates received the most money, excluding the $354 million. But if you figure most of the $354 million was from gay-rights supporters, the list below is probably a low estimate. But at least it gives a sense of how much and where money was put into the failed effort.

The most money went to unsuccessful western New York Senate candidate Joe Mesi, followed by Rochester-area candidate Richard Dollinger, who also lost.

High on the list are Democratic Long Island Sens. Brian Foley and Craig Johnson, who voted for the measure. Fourth was Joseph Addabbo, D-Queens, who surprised many when as the first senator to vote, voted against the bill — a clear sign that it would ultimately fail.

DSCC $231,125.66
DACC $51,500.00
Joe Mesi $32,250.00
Richard Dollinger $30,700.00
Craig Johnson $29,720.28
Joseph Addabbo $23,000.00
David Nachbar $19,900.00
Brian X. Foley $17,500.00
Kristen McElroy $15,900.00
Thomas Duane $12,250.00
Kevin Parker $11,000.00

Andrea Stewart-Cousins $9,500.00
Jim Gennaro $9,400.00
Joel M. Miller $8,420.00
Don Barber $8,025.45
Matthew Titone $7,400.00
Dierdre K. Scozzafava $6,800.00
Daniel O’Donnell $5,000.00
Suzi Oppenheimer $5,000.00
Eric Schneiderman $5,000.00
Al Stirpe $4,800.00
Andrew Lanza $4,700.00
Jose R. Peralta $4,300.00
Janet Duprey $4,050.00
Thomas Morahan $4,000.00
Elizabeth O’C. Little $4,000.00
John Flanagan $4,000.00
Micah Kellner $4,000.00
Kenneth P. Lavalle $4,000.00
Liz Feld $4,000.00
Teresa R. Sayward $3,800.00
Patricia Eddington $3,800.00
Joseph R. Lentol $3,800.00
Sam Hoyt $3,000.00
Adriano Espaillat $3,000.00
Joseph Robach $2,750.00
SRCC $2,000.00
Antoine Thompson $2,000.00
Susan John $1,500.00
Mike Spano $1,500.00
J Gary Pretlow $1,000.00
John Chromczak $1,000.00
Barbara S. Lifton $1,000.00
Janele Hyer-Spencer $1,000.00
Ellen C. Jaffee $1,000.00
Deborah Glick $1,000.00
David Koon $1,000.00
Michelle Schimel $800.00
Vincent Leibell $500.00
George Winner $500.00
Owen Johnson $500.00
Cathy Young $500.00
Mark J. Schroeder $500.00
Philip R. Ramos $500.00
John Bonacic $500.00
Carol Gordon $250.00
Greg Ball $200.00
Toby Stavisky $100.00


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