Liz Feld On The Move


Liz Feld, the Larchmont mayor, is in Washington D.C. today meeting with Republican leaders and potential donors as she seeks to build support for a potential U.S. Senate run next year.

With the increasing likelihood that neither Rudy Giuliani nor George Pataki will run against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Feld is planning to move around the state to drum up interest in her candidacy.

“She’s making all the logical moves a prospective candidate would make. She’s talking to party officials and to funders, and doing some policy meetings as well, both in Washington and around the state,” said spokesman Bill O’Reilly.

“She’s crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s and really taking a hard look at this.”

Feld is a leader of the fiscally conservative New Yorkers For Growth — started by state GOP chairman Ed Cox and former gubernatorial candidate John Faso. And Feld was praised by Republicans for her campaign against Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer, D-Mamaroneck, last year, though she was easily beaten in a heavily Democratic district.

With the backlash against incumbents and high taxes, Feld has indicated her campaign would center around those issues.


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  1. Another Greg Ball type, building up all the hype and in the end will not run. However, she will take your money and maybe use it for another run at Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer. This is a stategic move to garner her some name recognition. Ball and Feldman are one and the same, they are fake.

  2. Liz Feld is nothing like Greg Ball.

    She’s a decent person and while you may disagree with her politically, comparing her to Ball is just plain mean.

  3. Feld is another loser, liberal RINO who tried running to the left of a backbencher Democrat and was wiped out 2-1.

  4. You’re right, Liz Feld is NOTHING like Greg Ball.

    Feld is a loser rich liberal country club “Republican” who basically a Democrat except there was no room at the inn so she calls herself a Republican.

    The Republican Party needs more conservative members like Greg Ball who will fight for what’s right and stand up against the party when it’s headed in the wrong direction. Ball’s decision to run against Stephens and now Leibell are perfect examples of Ball doing what’s best, not for himself, but for the Party.

    Greg Ball is one of the most decent, PUBLIC servants we have ever had. People are lucky to be represented by a leader like him.

  5. When Greg Ball announced for Congress, Mayor Feld was standing right next to him. Some conservative.

  6. Feld fiscally conservative? Go and analyse the budgets of the village of Larchmont where she is the Mayor.


    all those who think they have personal knowlege about
    liz feld and her “fiscal beliefs” really don;t have a
    clue…feld is 1. a good campaigner 2. a fiscal conservative 3, not a right wing social nut job which
    would eliminate her from winning statewide 4. able
    to raise money now clearly rudy can beat gillibrand..but if he doesn’t run and if former governor pataki doesn’ run..feld is the correct profile of a candidate that can win in new york state….particularly against an unknown
    non elected appointee of a very unpopular governor david
    patterson….voters sent a clear message last november
    that they want the spending stopped…gillibrand supports
    the Obama spending spree…and she will be voting for
    the health care legislation…Feld therefore is a natural
    to depose her just as astorino beat spano