“Clearly The Landscape Has Changed,” Feld Says


Giuliani’s exit will also open up the field for Republicans eyeing a run for the U.S. Senate next year.

Larchmont Mayor Liz Feld, who is exploring a run, said this morning that  “clearly the landscape has changed” with Giuliani out of the race. Bruce Blakeman, a former Nassau County legislator, is also considering a run against Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Feld said Giuliani’s decision will offer her more of an opportunity to meet with Republican leaders. She met recently with Republicans in Washington D.C. to discuss her candidacy.

“Frankly there were plenty of county chairmen around New York state who were waiting to see what he was going to do officially, even though there was a lot of speculation that he wasn’t going to run,” Feld said.

She said the electorate wants strong leadership, evidenced by the anti-incumbent movement that swept across the state in last month’s local elections.

“I think the climate is right,” she said. “You saw in Westchester and Nassau (counties) in November that taxpayers and residents in New York state are angry and they are looking for leadership.”

She wouldn’t directly comment about Gillibrand, but she did knock the health-care bill that Gillibrand supports in the Senate.

“You can’t tell me people in New York are going to be better off with this health-care bill,” said Feld, echoing comments recently by Gov. David Paterson and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who endorsed Feld’s bid last year for the state Senate.


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