Liz Feld not buying Chinese toys


Larchmont Mayor Liz Feld seems to be having a busy morning.

Earlier today she criticized U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), whose seat Feld has made no secret she’s eyeing, over the healthcare bill passed in the Senate today.

Now she’s taking shots at China over the country’s handling of climate change talks in Europe last week. Today Feld wrote a column on the Web site for the conservative group Family Security Matters saying she’s protesting China’s behavior by not buying toys made there.

Today I will finish my Christmas shopping,” she writes. “And while scanning the shelves, I’ll be on the lookout for those three ubiquitous words: Made in China. Anything with that label goes right back onto the shelf. It’s a small and personal protest, but one well worth it to me.”


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  1. She will no longer play Chinese Checkers and she will eat from plastic plates. She lost five Chinese votes. Unlikely that she’ll take on the Italians.

  2. she should have a big problem with just about everything
    that china does…they have no environmental standards
    in their manufacturing…for example they have exported
    millions of tons of defective chinese drywall to the US
    which has made hundreds of thousands of US homes mostly
    in florida and louisiana uninhabitable because the
    drywall chemically disintigrates and produces a corrosive
    sulfuric compound whihc corrodes all wiring, appliances and
    creates a health hazard..

  3. china should be boycotted by america until such time that
    it makes the products it exports to this nation safe…
    safe toys, safe construction products, and safe food..

  4. Do you really think that you will run into the Consultant at a Walmart? As Buddy Holly sang: “That’ll Be the Day.”

  5. China has a horrible human rights record. The government treats their people like dirt. The tragic part of this is the US does a large chunk of trade with them, and a lot of cash is going abroad.

    Boycott away.