Once Again, Schumer Visits All NY Counties


Sen. Charles Schumer is in Schenectady County today to complete his 11th year in a row of visiting all 62 counties in New York since he took office in 1999.

He’ll visit Proctors Theatre in downtown Schenectady.

The Democratic senator has recently faced criticism back home for his support of the health-care bill that Gov. David Paterson and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have said will add more than $1 billion in costs to New York’s Medicaid tab. And then there’s Schumer’s words with a flight attendant.

Schumer is seeking a third term next year and so far no Republicans have even hinted at running against him. The one who ran against him in 2004, the Hudson Valley’s Howard Mills, lost in record fashion, with Schumer picking up 71 percent of the vote. Democrat Randy Credico is planning a primary against Schumer.

A Marist College poll last month found that 54 percent of registered voters statewide think Schumer is doing either an excellent or good job in office while 29 percent rate him as fair, and 13 percent say he is performing poorly.

In a news release, Schumer cites his accomplishments this year as including: putting in a provision in the stimulus package that sent money to county governments to prevent layoffs and property-tax increases;  getting a  $2,500 college tuition tax credit for families; saving jobs upstate by helping to convince General Motors to repurchase two Delphi Automotive parts plants; securing about $300 million in aid for the nation’s dairy farmers and helping to keeping Hickey Freeman, the upscale suit manufacturer in Rochester, to stay open.

His office said this year’s tour included 13 trips to Albany; 16 to Erie; 17 to Monroe; 14 to Onondaga; and 22 to Westchester and Rockland counties. He made 11 trips to the North Country, 12 trips to the Southern Tier, 25 trips to the Capital Region, 25 trips to Western New York, 47 trips to the Hudson Valley, 26 trips to Central New York, and 25 trips to the Rochester-Finger Lakes.


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  1. This is the last time as Senator “King” Breakfast, Lunch & Dinners Schumer visits as Senator, come November 2010 will “Lose” his “Head” to a Unknown Republican who was out spend, given no chance on winning, etc, etc, will be wearing his “CROWN” and making the victory tour in 2011.

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    VJ Machiavelli

    No More Schumer
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