Longworth, three others named to top posts in Astorino administration


Astorino Commissioners AppointmentsGeorge Longworth, an attorney who led the Dobbs Ferry Police Department and was believed to be the youngest chief in the county when he took on that position, was named today as Westchester County’s public safety commissioner.

County Executive elect Rob Astorino announced Longworth’s appointment at a 12:30 p.m. press conference in White Plains. The new county executive named several other key posts in his administration.

They include:

•Ann Marie Berg, commissioner of finance.

• Lawrence Soule, budget director.

• Kerry Oristano, human resources commissioner.

Astorino last week informed seven high-level commissioners that they wouldn’t be joining his team. Among those managers were Public Safety Commissioner Thomas Belfiore, Correction Commissioner Joseph Spano, Budget Director Anne Reasoner, Health Commissioner Joshua Lipsman, Ralph Butler, commissioner of public works, Paula Redd Zeman, personnel commissioner and Kathy Thorsberg, commissioner of finance.

Astorino last week also named George Oros as his chief of staff.

Read more about this story tomorrow in The Journal News and www.lohud.com.


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  1. When George was 12 years old , I lived in the same apartment building as his family,my car was broken into and my car radio was taken. George was PO”D.

    I knew then that George would go place and do good things….

  2. What does the new commissioner bring to the table? That is, why will he make a better commissioner than Thomas Belifore?

  3. a piece for rob, a piece for delfino, a piece for colavita… pieces for amicone, and ball, and colety, and feld, and cavallo, and oros. who is going to pickup the pieces?

  4. Finally…We got a local guy back as Police Commissioner. One who will now be concerned about Westchester County and its citizens and not about ticket and arrest numbers!

  5. what will commisioner longworth bring to the table over belifore? common sense and knowledge of westchester law enforcement he is hands on and although he was chief he still was 1st officer through the door.go get them george

  6. Oh my God, Brian. If you get any dumber, you’ll simply stop breathing. I just can’t resist, however, trying to understand your idiotic statement. So if cops stop giving out tickets and making arrests, that it is better for Westchester citizens? I would ask you to explain, but I don’t want you to strain yourself. That level of thinking might give you a seizure.

  7. Johnny, is that your adult name or are you 6 years old? Do you know Tom Belfiore? Are you aware that within the government he is the most widely respected of all the professionals, even among his peers? Don’t trash people you don’t know, and consider using your adult name.

  8. Excuse me, Justbreathe, but you need to take a deep breath.

    I agree with you completely about the trashing , but what’s wrong with the name Johnny?


  9. Guardianofthepeace on

    I can not understand why the county pd can not promote from within. There are many fine supervisors who would make a great commissioner. Will Longworth be applying for a pension waiver?

  10. Belfiore is a professional and has always conducted himself like a gentlemen. He never carried himself with an attitude or acted like he thought he was better then anyone, always presented himself in a respectful manner.

  11. Guardianofthepeace on

    Responding to PT: All commissioners know they serve at the pleasure of the CE. The fact that he openly supported Andy Spano kind of sealed his fate though.