Mount Vernon spokesman is new water commissioner


Mayor Clinton Young has tapped his 28-year-old deputy chief of staff and spokesman to be the city’s next water commissioner. Brian Bochow, Jr., will take over the job from David Ford, who is retiring after 32 years and seven mayoral administrations leading the Board of Water Supply. Ford also has been a powerful political leader, having chaired the Mount Vernon Democratic Party for 27 years through 1996. He is credited with building up the party committee from obscurity into a powerful organization in county politics.

Bochow has worked in Clinton’s administration since January 2008. He starts his new job as water commissioner Jan. 4 at a salary of $73,456. At the age of 28, he is one of the youngest commissioners in the history of the city, according a press release sent by Bochow himself.

The city’s Board of Water Supply is responsible for ensuring an adequate supply of safe water for home, business and fire-fighting purposes.


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  1. Truly hilarious. One wonders if any of them could locate a fire hydrant (or, upon one being pointed out, know how it operates.)

  2. It is horrible how things are happening in Mount Vernon. Before you know it there will be no one over 40 working in city hall. Does the mayor not know any seasoned qualified professionals to assume important positions? ed1 you’re right. That may explain why nothing of importance hits the paper pages and lands up in the “by the way” blogs.

  3. so… I’m curious about what the REQUIREMENTS are to RUN the water department? What EXACTLY does Brian Bochow know about environmental stewardship? Drinkable water? Controlling lead levels? Maintaining tax and water rates?

  4. The Voice of the Majority on

    What’s wrong with Mount Vernon ain’t solvable by City Hall, whether its good, bad or totally inept. There’s been a break down in the civil society, coming lo these 40 years, and now in the streets, the angry, the armed and the stupid are well in charge.

  5. What is or isn’t wrong with Mt. Vernon is not solved by useless diatribe. If Brian Jr. is anything like his father he will be quite the competitor for whom he represents. I know I played ball with him!

  6. I don’t like the “Clinton Administration,” but I say give Brian, Jr. a chance. I’ve had contact with him since he was a child. He’s always been a fine young man and now has turned into a fine adult.