Brodsky Has $1.3M For “Any Political Eventuality” (Updated)


Among potential Democratic attorney general candidates, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky is first out the box with his fundraising for the past six months, saying he’s banked $1.3 million.

In July, he had $734,702 in his Friends of Brodsky account and $453,354 in his People For Brodsky account, campaign-finance records show.

Brodsky, who briefly ran for attorney general in 2006 and then withdrew to donate a kidney to his daughter, is expected to be one of many Democrats to run for attorney general if, as expected, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo runs for governor. The crusading lawmaker has gained statewide attention for his investigations in to the Empire Zone program, the MTA and thenew Yankees Stadium.

Campaign-finance reports are due Friday, but in July other potential candidates had this much in the bank: Sen. Jeff Klein, D-Bronx had $867,782 and Sen. Eric Schneiderman, D-Manhattan, had $92,120.

Updated: Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, another potential candidate, ended her re-election campaign with $1 million in the bank and will report new fundraising totals this week. Meanwhile, a source said Schneiderman has been raising aggressively in recent months and will report about $900,000 raised during the period.

In announcing his fundraising totals, Brodsky’s spokeswoman offered this explanation on the assemblyman’s thinking:

“The politics of 2010 remain unsettled. We note that our fundraising activity began sixty days ago when we started to raise money for Richard’s assembly re-election campaign observing the appropriate contribution limits. We believe it would be disrespectful to Governor Paterson and Attorney General Cuomo to act as though their political decisions were already made, and New York’s politics can use all the civility, patience and respectful behavior we can muster.”

The statement continues, “There’s no secret that Richard will be prepared for any political eventuality, and we will speak of those matters as events unfold. In the meantime we’re very pleased with the practical political efforts that we’ve made.”


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  1. Richard Brodsky would be a great Attorney General, he is a no B.S. guy who is always looking out for the people of NYS. I have a great deal of respect for his leadership and his willingness to address the tough issues.