County Clerks Back At It


County clerks in upstate New York, who are mostly Republicans, have a new complaint: They don’t like the increased fees for legal filings Gov. David Paterson proposed in his budget Tuesday.

The Finger Lakes region of the state Association of County Clerks passed a resolution yesterday in opposition to the higher fees.

Paterson’s proposal calls for raising some civil-court filing fees, including an increase from $165 to $215 for the Supreme Court and from $45 to $60 for city or district courts. Motion fees for both the Supreme and Appellate Courts would increase to $120 from $45.

“These proposed increases in filing fees are just another way to squeeze revenue from employers that are working to create jobs in our region and throughout our State,” said Livingston County Clerk Jim Culbertson in a statement.

“I hope that rather than ask more of employers, as well as our families, Governor Paterson and the State Legislature enact real, meaningful and sustainable reductions in spending. We all agree that is the path to a more prosperous and stronger Empire State,” Monroe County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo said in a statement.

It’s the latest criticism from the clerks. They battled, with the aid of Senate Republicans, Paterson over his proposed increase in license fees, leading him to drop the fee.

And before Paterson, they battled successfully against former Gov. Eliot Spitzer over his plan to offer driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Here’s the resolution passed yesterday. They said they’ll forward it to the governor’s office.
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