Lazio To Cuomo: Show Leadership, Announce Intentions


Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio today continued to call out Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who has remained coy about his expected plans to run for governor.

Lazio first started hitting Cuomo, a Democrat, in November for his refusal to say whether he will run for governor, writing a letter to him that defends Gov. David Paterson and chides Cuomo for not saying publicly his intentions.

Lazio continued that theme today in an interview with Gannett’s Albany Bureau.

“If he wants to run, if he’s got something to say, he should declare himself, step forward, declare himself as a candidate, tell people what he believes in and let’s have a healthy debate,” Lazio said. “Instead it seems like it’s all about Andrew Cuomo.”

Lazio said it speaks to Cuomo’s leadership.

“This is a guy who is clearly telling people that he wants to run for governor and everybody is entitled to do that,” Lazio said. “But if you want to run for governor, if you expect to be the kind of leader that this state needs to turn it around, you can’t have somebody who’s worried about their every political step and their own personal ambition and political career and that that becomes more important than the state.”

“Because given the difficulty of the decisions that got to be made for the state, that kind of person is going to be an abysmal failure for the people of the state.”

Lazio said he’s been out talking about what he would do: try to lower taxes, make the state more business friendly and impose a cap on property taxes.

Lazio’s camp took notice of a Rasmussen poll yesterday that showed he has a 7 percentage point lead against Paterson and narrowed the gap against Cuomo, including strong support among unaffiliated voters.

And he again complimented Paterson for trying to deal with the state’s fiscal problems, saying while he would have done things differently, “He deserves more support from leaders in his own party than he’s been receiving.”


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