Gillibrand responds to Harold Ford Jr.


Gillibrand4Jan2010Responding Tuesday to former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford Jr.’s comment a day earlier that she is a Washington insider who isĀ  a “parakeet” controlled by the Democratic Party, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand accused Ford of being the Washington insider.

“I don’t know who Harold Ford thinks I am, but I am not going to be brushed aside because he and a few of his banker buddies think he should be a senator,” Gillibrand said in an interview. “I think his assertion that he is an outsider is a fraud. I think it’s outrageous. He is somebody who grew up in Washington D.C. while his father was a congressman for many, many years. He took the bar and failed. Then he waltzed into his father’s congressional seat.”

Gillibrand characterized the Washington-based Democratic Leadership Council, which Ford chairs as ”’ one of the biggest insider Democratic groups.”

Her comments come two weeks into a media blitz by Ford, who is exploring the possibility of a September Democratic primary.


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  1. So now ford is here and a banker, and all of his banking buddies, cronies are telling him to yea go ahead and run for office, good idea.

    What happened in Tennessee ? Couldn’t make it there?

    Harold from one NY’r to a Tennessee’r go back to the bank and run your shenanigans there.

  2. That’s pretty mean-spirited stuff from Gillibrand. She hasn’t exactly made it on her own. After graduating without any academic honors to speak of from UCLA (a good but not top law school), she landed a coveted clerkship with a conservative second circuit federal judge based on her father’s connections. All in all, most of her legal accomplishments were due in part to her lobbyist father’s Republican connections (event though he is a Democrat).

    She then proceeded to win an election over incumbent Congressman with the benefit of leaked police report.

    Compared to her, Ford at least appears to be a decent guy. And I would criticize bankers in a state which gets much of its revenue from Wall Street. You don’t see Senators from Texas knocking the oil industry.

  3. Two Democratic insiders, each complaining that the other is a Democratic insider. I think I remember this movie. It starred Abbott and Costello.

  4. the consultant on

    Imus thinks Ford is a horrible person…The Colbert report
    was played on Imus which totally anhialated Ford’s credibility ..Frankly, I hope there is a democratic primary
    and that the dialogue is as brutal as what we have thusfar
    seen…that would portend well for the candidacy of Bruce
    Blakeman, who in the tradition of Scott Brown is a no
    nonsense fiscal conservative that will keep on eye
    on taxpayers money and the democrats in the senate