Mike Spano on Paterson’s ethics veto


Assemblyman Mike Spano, D-Yonkers, issued a statement this afternoon on Gov. David Paterson’s veto of ethics reform legislation.

“I’m disappointed by the governor’s decision to veto landmark ethics reform legislation (A.9544) that would have reduced the influence of lobbyists in Albany and strengthened campaign finance filing requirements. While the governor vetoed the bill because he doesn’t think it goes far enough, it’s still a positive first step that we can build on with future legislation. With constant news of scandals and corruption in Albany, we needed this reform now more than ever to regain the public’s hard-earned trust. It’s imperative that we restore that faith and forge a relationship based on disclosure and accountability.

“We must take every opportunity to cut down on the influence of special interests and lobbyists, and regain the public’s confidence to get New York back on the road to recovery. This legislation is an important step forward in ensuring that our state government is transparent, accountable and subject to tough enforcement measures. I’ll continue fighting for meaningful ethics reform to make sure legislators are indebted to serving the people, not special interests.”


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  1. If any of this is true, why not back the Democratic Governor? The answer, from all of the Assembly, from Silver on down, is palpably obvious. They don’t want it.