Draft Kudlow For Senate Push Continuing


The efforts to draft CNBC host Larry Kudlow to run against Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer will continue tomorrow when Kudlow will be honored in Manhattan at the New York Young Republican Club’s annual Ronald Reagan Birthday Celebration and Awards Dinner.

Buffalo’s Michael Caputo, who is heading the push, forwarded an email this morning that says that at the event, former Queens Sen. Serf Maltese, who serves as co-chairman of the Draft Larry Kudlow Committee, will also be honored, and Maltese and Kudlow will meet.

Kudlow has not said he will run, but said he is considering it and giving it “careful consideration.”


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  1. Schumer has to go, but certainly we don’t need any more fruitcakes like Kudlow. Get a viable candidate!

  2. Larry Kudlow seems to be the only sane voice in an insane world! We need more sane voices like Mr. Kudlow’s to turn the tide of this country.

    As long as there are voices like Larry Kudlow in this world; this country has an opportunity to return to the greatness that we have experienced in the past. This current economic climate reminds me very much of the times when Jimmy Carter was in office and Ronald Reagen had to straighten things out. Maybe we can pull this off again!

    God help us if not! If not, we all better learn Chinese.

  3. the consultant on

    hey big skip..get a degree in economics first…Kudlow
    was and is a supply side radical…it doesn’t work..
    reagan listened and the deficit balooned….bush followed
    and the deficit balooned…if you want to make the
    economy stable so that the chinese continue to buy our
    debt you will advocate dealing with the long term deficit
    by cutting entitlement spending..raising the retirement
    age for social security….means testing those who can
    get social security and raising taxes to cover the
    costs of social security and medicare…Kudlow is advocating
    the Laffer curve which has been debunct as a way to increase
    revenues…this is not a reagan carter situation…this
    is far more serious and requires a long term solution not
    simply a short term fix aimed at perserving your wealth

  4. “Means testing for social security? Take what the ignorant public would consider a”rich” retiree who has a $500,000 house and $500,000 in the bank, earning 2% interest and paying $15,000 a year in local taxes, who is going backwards each year unto death, – qualify to have his/her social security (which they paid for for 45 years) means-tested? You can bet it will happen if you continue to elect screwballs.

  5. the consultant on

    means testing would not occur until those now 55 start
    to retire..it would only affect people with substantial
    income outside of social security ..and even those people
    would not lose all their ss income..it would simply
    be phased out the higher your non ss income was..coupling
    this with raising the retirement age to 70 and a couple
    of other tweaks would make ss self sustaining for the
    next 100 years…remember the ss system is supposed to
    be a safety net not a pension…but it has turned into
    for some people simply a governement subsidy of their
    club dues..this is not what the original intent was..
    and we do not have enough younger workers paying to sustain
    it as it now exists..so you old timer would not be affected
    at all…

  6. Atlas Shrugging on

    You HAVE a safety net.. matter of fact, you have a basketful. They’re called Welfare, SSI, Medicaid, Income Tax Credits, Low income Housing, the CRA scam, Food Stamps, Fuel Assistance, AFDC, TANF, Reverse Income Tax Payments, yes – Social Security, and on and on. Get off the back of the people who pay for it all or just disregard them, ramp up the printing presses and pretend it will all go away – which it will – through the final and definitive generic drug of socialism or collapse. The glories that were Rome.

  7. Michael Caputo on

    Supply side economics have only been disproven for the loopy left. Luckily, you are quickly becoming a minority in this nation – and solid economic thinkers like Larry Kudlow are on the rise. Chuck Schumer’s time is just about UP.

    Join the Kudlow draft at http://www.DraftKudlow.com

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