Leibell’s plans?


State Sen. Vincent Leibell today declined to say whether he would seek a ninth term this year in the Senate. If he does, he will face a Republican primary from state Assemblyman Greg Ball, who announced late last year he would run for the 40th Senate District instead of the Assembly.

Leibell and Ball appeared together at an event this morning, calling for the repeal of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s payroll tax. It was somewhat of a rare, dual appearance for the two Putnam Republicans, who have been more political enemies than friends in the past. It’s maybe even a more rare occasion for Leibell to appear with an election opponent, which is what Ball is should the senator want another term in Albany.

Leibell has said he’s considered a run for Putnam County executive. That seat is also up this year. The senator said he would make an announcement after the state budget passes. That deadline is April 1.


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  1. It would seem obvious that Leibell is looking for Ball’s endorsement for the Putnam CE job, no?

  2. It is obvious that we need Vincent Leibell to run for Putnam County Executive. There is no other candidate who understands government and the needs of the people of Putnam then Senator Leibell who is an excellent candidate for County Executive. He has my full support and I am sure the support of all republicans, democrats, independents and conservatives, he is a man of the people.

  3. You are correct Ball is a loose cannon, I was in Racci’s restaurant the other evening and Ball was arguing with a former town councilman at the bar and being very nasty. Ball did not seem to be a person who I would want to represent me, I will make sure my family and friends are aware of his behavior.

  4. GB can keep worrying about the Senator but what he needs to watch out for is Mike Kaplowitz. MK is going to expose GB for the fraud that he is. Ball will be in for the fight of his life, immigrants – has done nothing, taxes – has done nothing, route 22 – has done nothing.

    It took a while but people finally realize that Ball is all talk and has produced nothing.

  5. here is what i am hearing..the state republican senatorial
    committee does not want ball to run…they are looking
    around for other candidates…they are afraid that
    whatever it is that is in his backround will compromise
    the seat for republicans

  6. Get Me Off Ball's Call List on

    Ball has nothing – all talk and arrogance. I would support Leibell for CE any day. Ball, on the other hand, for nothing

  7. Typical Ball Haters. Ball has over $200k in the bank, and is raising about $50k a month. His polling out does Leibell and Kaplowitz. Leibell tried to kill Ball with dirty tricks last time, and Ball won with 75% of the vote…

    75% of the vote in a heated election, a horrible year and against a well funded smear campaign


  8. ? In a hypothetical head-to-head GOP primary ballot test, Greg Ball (46%) defeats Vincent Leibell (41%) by a margin of five points among the subset of all GOP likely voters from the poll. Most impressive is Greg Ball’s ballot strength with voters in Putnam (+19), among men (+15) and among voters 45-54 years old (+29).

    NY State Senate 40 – GOP Primary Ballot

    Greg Ball 46%
    Vincent Leibell 41%
    Undecided 13%

  9. Finally, the poll also tested the name awareness level of Mike Kaplowitz. The poll found that Kaplowitz is barely on the public radar at this time, with just 22% who have formed any impression of him, and fully 77% who say they have never heard of this person. In fact, even in Kaplowitz’s home county, nearly two thirds of likely voters in Westchester (65%) say that that they do not recognize this name.

  10. All you Ball-haters are funny. Say you want Ball far away…done nothing about immigrants….got into an argument with a former councilman in a bar in southeast.

    WHO CARES. Does nothing about immigrants? Putnam is having this discussion about immigrants BECAUSE of Greg Ball. Not a word about it before 2006. You want Ball far away? You’re in the minority because he gets 75% of the vote. And getting into a argument with a former councilman in southeast bar, good for Ball. That town is so dirty and corrupt we need a good fight to clean it up.

  11. And this garbage about the supposed rumor from the senate republicans looking for another candidate, tell ’em to keep looking. It won’t work. If a FAILING institution like the senate republicans wants to keep someone out, what does that tell you? And mentioning a bar/restaurant in southeast, a former councilman, and arguing, I heard Sunday morning that federal indictments are coming down on some people & southeast is going to get hit hard. Usually i ignore it but its now the third time i heard this.