Paterson Still Running, But Talking To Leaders


With calls that he not run for governor on the rise, Gov. David Paterson tonight said he has no plans to end his campaign — but he’s going to talk to Democratic leaders.

A meeting of some of his closest allies is planned on Saturday.

“I’m obviously listening to them, I have an open mind about this thing. I want the Democrats to win in November. I want the governor of the state of the New York to be Democratic, hopefully me,” he said.

He added that “I will weigh what they have to say, but right now I’m a candidate for governor.”

Asked if he’s in it for the long haul, the governor responded: “I’m in this for the long haul, but I’m not in it without having some colleagues feel that they can talk to me about this.”

Paterson again declined to discuss details of the domestic-violence case involving his aide David Johnson and Johnson’s girlfriend, even whether he called the woman first or she called him on the day before she dropped the case earlier this month.

“I don’t want in any way impair the investigation by answering anything publicly,” Paterson said.

But Paterson praised Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and his ability to do a fair investigation of the case — even as Cuomo is expected to challenge Paterson for the Democratic nomination for governor.

“Andrew Cuomo is a professional who was elected attorney general of the state. I would think he would do nothing but a professional job,” Paterson said.


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  1. I have been a supporter of Gov. Patterson on this board from the start of his administration but this event requires him to step down without delay.

    For any public official to insert himself or herself in a legal case that does not involve them is morally reprehensible. In this case the very notion that a woman may have been contacted in order to squelch a claim of domestic violence is far beyond the pale.

    Suspending his campaign is not enough, and Cuomo certainly has no business investigation his campaign rival for any reason.

  2. Not too long ago, he could have bailed out gracefully and negotiated a nice little lucrative federal appointment. No such luck any more. It’s back to the Apollo. Even lobbying, which pays well and envelops the lowest of the low in Dante’s hell, seems out of reach. The Party will still make some kind of deal with him if he doesn’t stir up too much trouble. Totally emasculated.

  3. the consultant on

    this is the final straw…even the governor now
    realizes that the game is over….he had cloistered
    himself in his mansion with his personal confidants
    to the exclusion of staffers who actuallly knew how
    to run the state government…clearly his admission
    that he wants to be the nominee but with the implication
    that only if there is support from the party is
    his swan song..his call to any cuomo to investigate
    the facts surrounding the allegations involving his
    aids is a hanging up of the white flag…patterson is
    out cuomo is the nominee..ravitch should run the
    government for the next 9 months

  4. Freddo Cuomo would be a socialist diaster.

    I am an ABBA fan.


    Let’s not repeat the disaster of Mario with Mario-lite

  5. the consultant on

    andy is just like his dad…same philosophy of government
    knows best…same disregard for fiscal sanity…same
    preference for public employee unions…same givaways
    same same same…will the voters of new york do
    what the voters of new jersey and virginia did…
    reject the notion of redistribution of wealth..and
    adopt the notion of responsible budget policy?

  6. Mario is a true intellect, no question about that. I don’t like his intellect because of the reasons the consultant stated, but there is no doubt that he has a top quality mind.

    Andrew “Freddo” Cuomo is no dope but can’t hold da-da’s towel.

  7. How do you have a “top-quality” mind and preside over (1983-94) a State that deteriorated beyond belief due to an almost psychotic arrogance that fostered and promoted the fiscal and social meltdown that became synonymous with NY. His last few years, especially when combined with Dinkins and Rangel in the City were our darkest, darkest days, both psychologically and fiscally. Don’t confuse blabbering-on and on about Marcus Aurelius, Kierkegaard, and Teilhard de Chardin with efficiently governing a great State.

  8. Dear Ed1

    I agree with you.

    My point is that dada Cuomo could “blabber on” about Marcus Aurelius and Kierkegaard.

    As a Governor he was a complete and utter disaster, his economic policies ruined the state but that horror pales in comparison to the long term ruination of justice that has resulted from the morons, loons and frankly from the traitors he appointed to the judicial bench.

    My only point was that Andy “Freddo” Cuomo could not blabber on about Teilhard de Chardin if he lived to be a trillion years old.

  9. Sorry to be so irascible, but these Cuomos get my goat. The old man would probably have been a great, perhaps notable professor. He’s astute, knowledgeable, and has persuasive gifts – he excels with the kids, but. as with some great college basketball coaches, he gets lost in the NBA of self-serving politicians and cynical egos that approach his own.

    The son, as you correctly stated, is a consumate boob who got his HUD position through the old man, and proceeded to allow (and actually prompt) Fannie and Freddie to run rampant and bankrupt not only themselves, but an entire nation. Now, as AG, he ignorantly plays to the bewildered crowd, and attacks and sues the banks for doing exactly what (as few seem to remember,) he prompted them to do in the first place.