Ed Koch: Paterson’s Days As Governor Are Numbered


Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch said this morning that he doesn’t believe Gov. David Paterson will survive the scandals around his administration and expects that the Democratic governor will ultimately cut a deal with prosecutors and resign.

“I’m off by maybe a week or two, but there’s no question in my mind he will resign,” Koch said this morning on Fred Dicker’s radio show on Talk 1300-AM in Albany.

Koch had called for Paterson to resign when the initial scandal broke about Paterson’s alleged interference in a domestic-violence case involving a top aide, David Johnson. At the time, Koch predicted Paterson’s wouldn’t last 10 days.

Koch, who said he doesn’t have any inside information about Paterson’s future, said surprisingly that he didn’t think Paterson did anything wrong by accepting free Yankees tickets to the World Series, but if Paterson lied to investigators, that’s another story.

“I don’t believe that the highest elected official in the state of New York should be held accountable for going to the game and not paying for it,” Koch said. “I do believe he should be held accountable if he didn’t tell the truth.”

At 85, Koch is part of a movement of groups that will push for non-partisan redistricting of Senate and Assembly districts and seek to oust ineffective lawmakers this year.

He said New Yorkers have had enough of the scandals and dysfunction in Albany.

“We’re going to get them angry, angrier than they currently are because New Yorkers have a sense of pride,” Koch said in the interview. “We’re the Empire State and now we’re the laughingstock of the nation.”


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