David Johnson Appears Before Ethics Commission


Gov. David Paterson’s suspended aide David Johnson appeared before the state Commission on Public Integrity for about an hour earlier today in Albany as the commission continues to investigate Paterson’s free tickets to the World Series last year.

Johnson (at right with his attorney Oscar Michelen) had no comment as he left the commission’s office with Michelen. Michelen wouldn’t say much either, saying the case is an ongoing investigation.

“We’re not going to address any substantive questions, other than the fact that we did appear,” Michelen told reporters.

“The investigation is continuing so we’re not going to have any comment about the substantive matters that were addressed, and we wait for the commission to see if they are going to issue a subsequent report to the one they’ve already addressed with respect to the governor.”

Johnson was suspended without pay last month after the New York Times reported that Johnson attacked his girlfriend in October, and State Police and Paterson allegedly intervened to quash her domestic-violence case.

Johnson, who rose up the ranks with Paterson to become one of his top aides, was also in the middle of whether Paterson illegally accepted free tickets to the World Series at Yankee Stadium last year and lied to the commission that he intended to pay for them.

The commission earlier this month referred the case to the Attorney General’s Office and the Albany County District Attorney’s Office, but it appears the commission hadn’t spoken to Johnson until today.

In its report, the commission said Johnson had procured the tickets for Paterson and also went to the game. Johnson later paid for his ticket.


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  1. smartporpoise on

    How, one wonders, do all these erstwhile chauffeurs and bodyguards rise to such ranks? Remember Kerik, et al? Only in politics.

  2. Did he do the I know Nothing, or The Fifth ?

    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    No More Schumer, Pelosi, Rangel,Engel, and Arthur Finkelstein & Co
    “After Four Years of Scandals it is time for Levy/Faso/Callaghan/Garcia”

  3. cleanupnynow on

    It is so hypocritical for David Paterson to make domestic violence a signature issue of his while hiring woman beaters as his two closest aides. No wonder the NOW and most woman advocates and organizations – his own appointed Kirsten Gillibrand, Nita Lowey among others – want David Paterson to RESIGN NOW.

    David Paterson proved long ago that he could not govern. “The Democratic Conference: Organizational and Operational Structure Report” is an eyewitness account of Paterson’s DYSFUNCTIONAL governing nature.


    This report heavily criticized Paterson’s leadership as Senator Minority leader. His office was criticized for PATRONAGE, LACK OF LEADERSHIP, INDECISIVENESS and INFIGHTING, set against a backdrop of general CHAOS – in other words the office was a ZOO. Those interviewed in the report indicated that its chief of staff the disorganized Michael Jones-Bey had no management skills, and would get DRUNK with staff, often coming in the office with a HANGOVER, and should be fired.

    Amazingly, for running such a DYSFUNCTIONAL CHAOTIC office, the disorganized Michael Jones-Bey was hand picked by David Paterson to head the Division of Minority & Women Owned Business Development at Empire State Development Corporation.

    His staff and all his friends that he has placed in jobs need to be cleaned out…GET HIM AND THEM OUT NOW.

    This UN-ELECTED GOV needs to go now, before more damage is done and more of the wrong people profit from his office.