Borkowski joins those wanting to replace Leibell


Former Southeast town justice and former Putnam County sheriff candidate Jim Borkowski announced this afternoon he will run to represent the 40th state Senate District. That’s the seat being vacated by state Sen. Vincent Leibell, as he runs for Putnam county executive, and being campaigned for by state Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Patterson, and Westchester County Legislator Michael Kaplowitz, D-Somers.

Borkowski is a Republican, so his entry into the race most likely means a September GOP primary between him and Ball, and possibly Somers Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy, also a Republican, who is considering joining the race.

Borkowski, who stepped down from the bench in January 2009, said he would make a formal announcement within the next week. You can read his press release after the break. From Jim Borkowski:

Southeast, NY – Reacting to the news that longtime State Senator Vincent L. Leibell, III (R-Patterson) will be retiring this year, former Southeast Town Judge Jim Borkowski will be running to succeed Leibell as the 40th district’s next State Senator. Borkowski has served as a prosecutor and as a Judge from 1998 through last year.  An attorney, he also served as Legislative Counsel to former Assemblyman Willis Stephens.

“It is no exaggeration to say that New York is in crisis.  With runaway spending and taxes, we, as a State, are at the point of no return.  This is not the New York I grew up in.  I refuse to quit and move to North Carolina, because New York is my home.  This crisis provides an opportunity to bring common sense fiscal conservatism and discipline back.  It’s going to take hard decisions to lead us out of this crisis. These are serious times, and serious times call for a serious legislator.” Borkowski said.
“Instead of leadership, we have incompetence and paralysis.  It’s time for the adults to step in.  Non-stop press conferences and grandstanding don’t accomplish anything, except promoting yourself.  More than ever, we need mature legislators who represent us, not just themselves.”

Borkowski continued, “I am fiercely independent, and I don’t owe anything to anybody.  I am my own man.  In fact, I have said “no” to party leaders who warned me not to buck the system.  As a judge, and as an attorney, I have 23 years of experience working in an adversarial environment, and achieving results by working with both allies and adversaries.    I have the maturity, temperament and experience to control spending and bring back fiscal sanity to New York. ”
Jim Borkowski, 47, lives in Southeast with his wife, Linda, and their two children, Matthew (15) and Lauren (20). He is an attorney with offices in White Plains, and served for over 10 years as Town Justice in the Town of Southeast. Borkowski began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. He is a 1984 graduate of the State University of New York at Albany and received his juris doctorate in 1987 from Boston University.


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  1. Frank Ranaudo on

    Yeah! this is great news. James Borkowski is a solid conservative Tea Party Patriot. I hope he wins and restores some sanity to NY!

  2. This is getting more enjoyable day by day. Greg Ball has big problems, Ball was trying to build an army and convince others to partake in other races. Now Ball has his hands full and he is in for the fight of his life. His new spokesman is a joke (Coleman), I am sure Ball is very scared today, maybe he will have his Mommy make more robo calls telling us all how Gregory is such a good boy. Marybeth Murphy is a very formidable candidate and will difficult for Gregory to use his nasty tactics against her.
    Let’s keep an eye out for missing goats, or paint being thrown on your deck, little Matty following you around with a camera, your barn burning down or the story that Gregory said, “campaign office has been vandalized”.

    Greg Ball finally has a record, see below

    No legislation passed that he was the key sponsor of
    Has been proven to be a liar
    Is part of the political machine, he is Tony Scannipieco’s little puppet
    Has no come through on any of his campaign promises from past campaigns

  3. lois is right. ball has some big trouble ahead.

    first of all, ball is not a conservative. he only has a 55% rating from the nys conservative party and he refuses to sign the conservative’s “no new taxes” pledge. ball votes for new taxes all the time including the vampire tax which would punish ny’s so-called millionaire’s for their success.

    and ball says he’s pro-life yet he voted to keep legal the abortifacient ‘morning after pill’ and he supports embrionic stem cell research.

    as for his bs line about ‘fighting for you’ all ball ever does is fight for himself. he’s always looking for campaign contributions and is non-stop campaigning. the man has not one single accomplishment since being elected.

    i hope mary beth murphy or jim borkowski have what it takes to knock out this clown.

  4. “Instead of leadership, we have incompetence and paralysis. It’s time for the adults to step in. Non-stop press conferences and grandstanding don’t accomplish anything, except promoting yourself. More than ever, we need mature legislators who represent us, not just themselves.”

    love it!! if that’s not drawing a contrast between him and ball i don’t what is! go get ’em jimmy!

  5. This should be an easy primary for Marybeth Murphy, you have two male candidates who are exactly the same type of person. Borkowski and Ball, the BB team are egotistical and have been known to have nasty dispositions when dealing with others. Marybeth is kind, well spoken and a proven leader with extensive experience. I am a male and I am voting for Marybeth Murphy

  6. Mary Beth and Jim do not have a prayer in the world of beating Greg Ball solo or combined. However, they may damage him enough to allow Kaplowitz to win, even if Ball has three-lines.

  7. Mary Beth was given the assignment of muddying up Greg Ball with Vinny Leibell’s campaign fortune. She’s gonna get all the cash, all the commercials and the photos with Vinny in Albany. And what they didn’t learn is that this just makes Ball more popular. Why the last minute switch by Leibell?

  8. If I understand it correctly, MaryBeth Murphy is running for the seat that Greg Ball is vacating in the State Legislature not the seat in the Senate that Vinnie Leibel is vacating! Doesn’t this change the arguments given above?
    She has served as Supervisor in the Town of Somers for 12 years and has done very well in keeping taxes down while running a very efficient Town government.

  9. No, Mary Beth is running for state senate and is being supported and financed by Vinny Leibell. I guess she volunteered for Vinny because every election Vinny has to put up a candidate to try to weaken Ball with attacks. The candidate he puts up never has any chance of winning. Like Degnan. And when they attack Ball, they make Ball stronger. Mary Beth was a last minute choice.

  10. Dick Saunders on

    Well, well, well Queen Mary (is this Ball’s Mommy’s nom-de-plume?)
    Handwriting is on the wall – time for Ball to retire and head back to the Polo grounds. We need a real man (or woman) to lead the district, not some childish, whiny, short-tempered, mean-spirited, angry bigot.
    Someone who can actually get things done, rather than talk about what others are not doing while he does nothing himself.
    Have mommy wipe Greggy’s nose, its time for Boo-Boo Ball to leave politics.

  11. Mr. Saunders, (or should I call you Dick?),

    I’m in the spot to not be very fond of Mary Beth Murphy, put it that way, but I’ll wait’n see what attacks they have in store. I was disheartened to learn that she is the supported candidate of Vinny Leibell, both money and peoples will go to Mary to try to weaken Greg Ball. Not a very good reason to run a race, unless of course you’re an immature buffoon only looking for power and a job. Why does it bother you so that mary got Leibell’s support? Do you really think Leibell would have the maturity to just worry about himself without having to destroy others around him? It’s not trrue that Leibell had someone picked out to run against Ball and made a last minute switch? You’re in denial. What happened at the last minute that made leibell change his mind as to who he was supporting? You seem to know, Mr Saunders.

    Or shall I call you Dick?

  12. I guess you’re in denial.

    So Ball gets a free pass from Vinny? That’s what you’re saying. Leibell put up $500K for Degnan, not to mention $250K just to fund a negative attack campaign apart from the Degnan campaign. Now he hates Ball even more, and you can’t imagine leibell spending his campaign money on anyone else except himself?

    Leibell chose Mary Beth Murphy to be the Ball roadblock, hoping to weaken Ball enough so that Kaplowitz wins. That strategy was useless 2 years ago and its useless now. Maybe you dont wanna believe it, maybe you hoped it woulda been you, but it aint. Ball vs. Mary Beth Murphy in the primary.