How much sushi can you get for $20k?


More than 8,000 pieces apparently.

So by now you know about state Sen. Pedro Espada being accused of stealing $14 million from his charity health clinic, buying things such as $20,000 worth of sushi. Today I was curious to figure out how much sushi that theoretically is. Let’s do the math kids.

The attorney general’s office said Espada allegedly spent $20,000 on 200 meals from at the Mamaroneck restaurants Red Plum and Toyo Sushi, both owned by Peter Chen. Last week Chen told me Espada and his wife typically spent around $70-80 bucks each time. He said that’s an average, so lets assume there were times they paid more or less than that amount.

Now this is speculative, but lets pretend each time Espada and his wife ordered ordered the restaurant’s Sushi Combo for 2 and a bottle of wine. The combo gives you 40 pieces of Sushi ($40) and a cheap bottle of wine there costs around $20-30. Add tax and a tip and that falls somewhat in line with the $70-80 Chen estimated.

If Espada and his wife ordered the Sushi Combo and wine each time for those 200 meals, that’s over 8,000 pieces of sushi and 200 bottles of wine.

(The total actually comes out to $16,000 but again lets assume there were times Espada spent more or less than $70-80 bucks).

And this is top of the line sushi, not the cheap stuff you can pick up at Stop and Shop. At most places, 9-12 pieces of sushi could be considered a hearty meal. So what the Espadas allegedly spent on themselves, theoretically, could have fed around 650-900 people. After all, it was charity money he was allegedly using.


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