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Putnam County Republican Chairman Anthony Scannapieco today said he wasn’t aware of state Assemblyman Greg Ball’s phone solicitation that sought to raise money for Ball’s state Senate run. The recording told recipients “the party” would match any donation. Ball has described the call as a means to raise money for the Putnam GOP in an effort to encourage local Republicans to donate to his state Senate campaign.

Scannapieco said he had “no idea” about the call and added Putnam Republicans never promised Ball anything. Ball, R-Patterson, took some flak from state GOP honchos for the call, which told recipients “The party has asked us to raise $30,000 by May 1 and if we do so, they’ll actually match each and every dollar we earn.”

Somers Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy and former Southeast Justice Jim Borkowski, both Republicans, have also announced their intentions to run for the Senate seat, which is being vacated by state Sen. Vincent Leibell.


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  1. Tony Scannipieco would have tried to cover for Greg Ball but the problem is he has no money in his coffers.
    Mr. Scannipieco has always had a hard time raising money. And if he does raise money he does not give it to candidates, he spends the money on cigars, dinners and evenings out with his family.

  2. Same thing I just read about Murphy in Somers. There is ALWAYS two sides to a story, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, and those that fight to keep the 2nd side of the story from coming out clearly have something to hide. This thing wasn’t even big enough to write one story and the Journal News has made two stories out of it. Blockbuster. Some of the stories I’ve seen them write about Ball are strange. Anything to get Greg Ball looking bad, and all they do is help him. The more they try to hurt him, the stronger he gets. Maybe they’ll start to realize one day when he wins like his 5th or 6th election.

  3. After the Ball is Over on

    Ball, for some while, and presently, has been, and is, a lonely voice who echoes the public’s dissatisfaction with what was, (and is,) the smug, charge-it, raise taxes, big-spending, do-nothing wombat hippies from the far left. Once someone comes along who will staunchly carry that flag and is not so baggage-laden, sophomoric and chicanerous, Ball will be history and we will enjoy some long-term mature, intelligent, and effective leadership.

  4. And who will that long term, mature intelligent and effective leader happen to be? Senator Leibell has already said publicly that “Mary Beth Murphy will make a terrific State Senator”, while saying nothing about the third candidate, Borkowski. So you must be talking about Murphy. Why is Leibell supporting Murphy at this point?

  5. Down in Flames on

    Judge Jim Borkowski is a pro-life conservative Republican. The consummate independent outsider, he challenged the political machine last year while Ball was cozying up in the backroom. As a judge, Borkowski was the first elected official to call for implementation of the 287(g) program to crack-down on criminal illegal aliens. Ball then stole Borkowski’s schtick… and is actually on tape, at a community forum, thanking Borkowski and 9/11 Families leader Kowalski for introducing him [Ball] to the program.

    Ball is a tax increasing phony and he has just a 55% rating from the NYS Conservative Party.

    Q: Why do you think Leibell and Ball fight so much?

    A: Because they’re the same power-hungry type of individual with little concern for the people’s business. They don’t understand principled conservative public servants like Borkowski because to them it’s all a game.

  6. Click the link above. A 75 was the highest rating that the Conservative Party awarded in 2010. Only two members qualified for this distinction (McKevitt, Lopez P).

    Assemblyman Greg Ball received a 70 for 2009.

    Please try to be more accurate and don’t make up phony ratings, it is an embarrassment to your candidate and the Conservative Party.

  7. That aint the flaming story that’s making the rounds however. The story is that Leibell met with Borkowski behind closed doors at Leibell’s law office two weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon to boot, where Borkowski was begging Leibell to be the party-backed insider candidate. Then the very next day Borkowski met with Leibell’s peoples at Leibell’s non-profit building over in Patterson then just a couple of days leter Borkowski drove hundreds of miles to Albany to see Leibell and press Leibell to be the backslapping insider candidate. Leibell got scared off by an article in the Courier a couple of weeks back, or so he says, and made some phone calls, then went with Mary Beth Murphy as the chosen one for state senate. Why her I don’t know. But his support is now behind her 100%.

  8. Talk about the Conservative line, it is my understanding the Vincent Leibell has been endorsed by the Conservative Party to be Putnam’s next County Executive. I think the endorsement speaks for itself.

  9. Maybe that used to mean something, but nowadays all the Conservative Party does on the NYS level is hand out the endorsement to the most generous donor.

  10. Attiticus Finch on

    According to last week’s Putnam County Courier, an ‘investigation is ongoing’ specific to Judge Borkowski’s actions in last fall’s Sheriff’s race. What does the Courier know? Could this be the reason that our good Senator dropped his support for Mr. Borkowski like an empty can of of the Judge’s hairspray?
    Bork will be out of the race by May 15

  11. Looks like the Atticus Finch enlightenment has some people shaking in their boots to the point they want this whole story to just go away!

  12. I just realized Borkowski made his commitment to run on April 22 and said “within a week” he would have a rally and campaign press conference. That was 8 days ago? Did he have second thoughts????? Something happen???