Astorino pitches health compromise

Hoping to end an impasse, County Executive Rob Astorino today proposed an alternative health contribution plan that exempts workers with 30 years on the job.
In pitching his new model, the Republican wants to prevent a so-called “brain drain” from the District Attorney’s Office and end a standstill over dueling plans between the executive and legislative branches.
“We think this is the right compromise for everyone,” Astorino said to Politics on the Hudson. “This is the most equitable and yields the most savings. … I’m moving off from my original plan because I think it’s really important to get this passed.”
The amended plan maintains Astorino’s original 15 percent across-the-board contribution for nonunion managers, though it exempts workers with more than 30 years of county service, or about 28 people. Eleven are from the District Attorney’s Office.
If approved, roughly 400 workers will be affected.
The announcement came a day after the county executive and the county board reached an agreement on temporarily saving the Manhattan express bus with higher fares and fewer runs.
It also came several days after four proposals, including a another county board plan to have employees contribute to health-care costs; employee buyouts; and caps on sick and vacation pay were tabled by the board.
No word yet from the Democrats. Read more tomorrow in The Journal News.

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  1. If Astorino is going to apply an exemption for sonority one would think that it would start at a more reasonable length of time like 15-20 years. 30 plus years is way to long, if Astorinio wants to be fair and respect seniority he has to revisit this issue and lower the exemption age.

  2. astorino did the right thing..this was solely to protect
    senior career prosecutors who were not represented..
    it was aimed at preserving the ability of law enforcement
    to continue to effectively fight crime in westchester
    not unreasonably and not money based

  3. No one should be exempt…the word exempt should be taken out of any type of civil service employment benefit issue. Open that door, and everyone will be looking to be exempt.

  4. This will certainly open a can of worms and raise some eyebrows! Question remains Is it going to work and is it fair to all involved. Only time will learn

    Regards Maggie