Ball to Skelos: I’m your nominee -updated


That’s the gist of a letter from state Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Patterson, to Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos, R-Nassau County. Citing an internal poll, Ball advises Skelos that he will be the GOP candidate in the race to replace state Sen. Vincent Leibell, R-Patterson. Therefore, he argues, he and the Senate leadership should be working together to ensure the seat remains in Republican hands.

You can read the letter and a related post at City Hall.

Ball faces a Republican challenge from Somers Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy and former Southeast Justice Jim Borkowski.

Update – Ball’s office said the poll wasn’t an internal one since it was commissioned by the GOP chairs in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess.


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  1. Goof for Assemblyman Ball. Don’t take spit from these guys. Tell it like it is. The harder they try to hit him, the bigger and stronger he becomes. Ever wonder why the good old boys dont want Ball? Not being part of that click makes him a fresh face, four years after he burst on the scene. Mary Murphy can get all the help from Leibell and all the money and support and it won;t do a bit of good. And borkowski tried real hard to be Vinny Leibell’s guy and it fell apart, and Bork hasn’t been seen or heard from since his annoucement, guess he got wind of what’s going on and is in hiding or something.

    I’m no Ball fan but you have to admire the way he takes these big boys on and wins every time.

  2. Don’t fool yourself, Greg wants to be one of the “Good ole boys” and he is sucking up to the GOP Chairman in Putnam and Westchester County. Ball is a phony and he is starting to be exposed. I am glad Ball is calling out Skelos, because he just showed the GOP why he is not the person to serve the district, Skelos and the state GOP will reveal Ball for the clown he really is. Ball belongs in a circus, not the NYS Legislature.

  3. If Borkowski and Murphy both stay in this race, Ball wins. He’s already ahead in the polls and having a 3-way primary will simply hemorrhage any chance of Murphy or Borkowski pulling ahead.

    Someone in Albany needs to fix this mess or they risk losing the 40th to Kaplowitz.

  4. the consultant on

    the above poster is correct..for those who think
    that ball is a risky state senate candidate they
    need to prevent a three way primary…which ball wins

  5. At the end of the day the republican primary will be Murphy vs. Ball and Murphy has a 50-50 chance of winning. There is much more dislike out there for Ball then in years past. People are starting to see through Balls phony act. If Murphy can establish a good factual campaign, I think she will win the race.

    Murphy vs. Kaplowitz will be interesting.

  6. Siding up to the Putnam chairman makes you a good old boy? Not even the Putnam chairman is a good old boy and that’s why Leibell is looking to remove him this year again as well. It’s because Scannapieco refuses to take orders from Leibell just like Ball, so Ball and Scannapieco find each other being pushed together by the good old boys. And all this talk of Murphy and Borkowski….what’s that about? Murphy is still waiting for her next assignment, and Borkowski? Well, he seems to be on the run from something. Not a sight or sound from him.

    Also, why doesn’t the paper cover the $14 million lawsuit filed against Putnam DA Adam Levy, Joe Charboneu (sp), Will Stephens and Jim Borkowski? Is this not news? Or did the good old boys not give their permission to run it? Because that’s how it works (which would explain why the paper is dying).

  7. Ball has the ball and he is dropping 20 and punting. Going back to run for the Assembly seat, that’s what the word on the street is.

    Uncontested at the moment. That’s about the only seat he can surely win unless Mickey Mouse decides to run.

    Air Force? Run toward. Run away.
    Congress? Run toward. Run away.
    NYS Senate? Run toward. Run away.

    Prediction? Voters will run away from Ball first chance they get.

  8. And you’re basing this on what? You forgot to mention that large, growing group: Women against Ball. The WAB’s. Problem is, it consists of one male.

  9. Ball’s going to win this thing with his eyes closed. Leibell will not be able to figure out Ball who’s got a growing Army.

    Murphy has little support besides what Vinny promised her and zero name recognition in Putnam.

    It appears somebody has already given Borkowski the bad news.

  10. No-Show-Assemblyman on

    Has anyone taken notice that Ball has literally accomplished nothing in the Assembly.

    1. Has he expanded Route 22 like he promised?

    2. Has he managed to reduce the ever increasing property taxes?

    3. Has anyone taken notice that the last piece of legislation this man has even introduced was June of 2009!?! Almost a year ago, so what has he done from January 2010 till now with only a month and a half left to go before session is complete.

    4. Has anyone even realized that he announced his “Exploratory Committee” for Congress in February of 2009, when he was only just reelected that previous Fall?

    5. “Bold New Leadership” Nothing “New” about that slogan or Mr. Ball

    If anyone is going to have a legitimate shot against Ball, they must stay on topic and on issue. Ball thinks himself as the “Skunk” in the race for the Senate seat and that’s exactly what and where he wants to be. He likes to portray himself as the helpless politician who’s continuously told “No” and fights against the “Albany Insiders,” and is “Fighting for you.” Doesn’t anyone realize that’s his gimmick, doesn’t anyone see that his “Fighting” has made you no better off than you were and has no tangible results. Of course he will like you to believe that he passed all these wonderful pieces of legislation and waived bills around as if he was the reason behind it all. When in fact he’s no different than the other 80 or so Assemblymembers who also signed onto legislation as a sponsor. Except they don’t run around taking all the credit for someone else’s idea. Ball likes to play dirty politics as much as the next politician, but this is where he thrives. So keep talking about how he’s a stalker, and all this other nonsense that has nothing to do about anything. What he has done for the community, what has he done to make your lives better. Naturally he’ll waive around the fact that he gives grants to charitable organizations. Fact is that every member of the legislature does the same thing, except the catch is that Ball wants you to think he’s against pork spending. How can someone pat himself on the back for doing something that he’s allegedly so vehemently against? Kudos to Kaplowitz for calling him out on the mailer and having spent thousands to mail outside of his own district during an election year none the less. Your excuse was dismal, childish at best Ball by pointing your finger at the Leader of the Assembly and saying “He does it so why can’t I?” This uncovers two separate issues, Ball’s inability to realize that “he’s not that important”, and his “me against the world” mentality. All said and done I really hope that someone, with any ounce of political strategy would see these issues and concerns. To my points three and four I say this, Ball has been a candidate for two separate offices (Congress and now Senate) and has done nothing in regards to office that he currently holds. A little further investigative work would reveal that he’s only got a shell of a district office with nothing coming our out of that place. I could go on but I said my piece.

  11. Ball in a landslide. The most powerful politician in Putnam. All this sniping at him shows they cant touch him. “He hasn’t done anything”, blah blah blah. A

    AT LEAST GREG BALL NEVER GOT ENORMOUSLY WEALTHY OFF THE PUBLIC DOLE, ON A SALARY OF $79,500. That’s something he accomplished, more than anyone else.

  12. …maybe people need to start asking his most recent ex- girlfriend questions, She still seems to be active in politics but seems to want nothing to do with him(surprise)Hmmmm… wonder why??? Has anyone asked her questions… She WAS around for 2 years BY HIS SIDE (and I’m only an outside viewer of him) I just wanted to give you food for thought, do with it what you will.

  13. CannonBall on

    Oh yeah, that sounds really, really mature. Let’s do that. Let’s ask his ex-girlfriend.

  14. In the know on

    Actually not a bad idea to ask his ex about him. Prehpas if people delved into that with Adam Bradley’s women his election as Mayor of White Plains would not have happened. We’d all be better off without this dirtbag.

    Ball’s ego and arrogance are eerily similar to Bradley’s. He will prove to be a dirtbag as well