Mike Spano to cut his pay in furlough solidarity


Assemblyman Mike Spano, D-Yonkers, said he will return one day of pay a week if Gov. David Paterson furloughs state workers.

“I believe in leading by example, and if the Governor is going to take such action, I encourage him at the very least to show some leadership and cut his pay as well,” Spano said. “We need to do everything possible to reduce spending, and to me cutting my pay is worth the price of sending a clear message that we are all in this together, we are all feeling the pain of closing the deficit and we must all take the necessary actions to get the job done in the best interest of New Yorkers.”

Here’s his full press release: Assemblyman Spano stresses need to stay in Albany until budget is passed
Will share the burden if Governor furloughs employees

Assemblyman Mike Spano (D/C/WF-Yonkers) today reiterated his call for the Legislature to stay in Albany until a budget is passed and said if the Governor is going to furlough state employees, he will hold himself to the same standard by returning one day of his pay a week as well.
“I cannot stress enough that the only real solution is to stay in Albany, work out the differences and pass a balanced budget,” Spano said. “It is absolutely unfair to cut the paychecks of state employees that come to work each day and do their job, while the Governor and Legislature leave Albany for another week without passing a budget.”
Governor Paterson has the legal authority to call for the furloughs, which may impact about 100,000 employees, and therefore Spano believes the Governor does not need the Legislature’s approval. Spano also referred to California’s attempt to furlough state employees which resulted in the courts forcing the state to repay employees for their time out of work. He warns that if the Governor decides to go ahead with the furloughs, a similar outcome is likely to occur.

“I believe in leading by example, and if the Governor is going to take such action, I encourage him at the very least to show some leadership and cut his pay as well,” Spano said.

“We need to do everything possible to reduce spending, and to me cutting my pay is worth the price of sending a clear message that we are all in this together, we are all feeling the pain of closing the deficit and we must all take the necessary actions to get the job done in the best interest of New Yorkers.”


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  1. This is such a righteous statement and I applaud your efforts. Hopefully, other municipalities will follow suit.

  2. What a bold and needed statement. More legislature should be taking stances like this so NY can finally get back on track. Keep fighting for us Mike!

  3. Jiminy Cricket on

    What a funny press release. Once again Mike Spano provides a joke of the day.

    For all the good Mike Spano and the others in that appalling Legislature do — they could take full-time unpaid furloughs.

    Not that they ever “work” full-time, anyway.

    Nice try at pandering, though. But very transparent.

  4. Hey Jiminy let me ask you a few questions since you always seem to be mike spano’s favorite hater:

    * Has Phil Amicone offered to do the same for Yonkers instead of laying off half of his work force?

    * Has Phil Amicone or any of the City Council members offered to give up their city-owned cars (you should check out the IG’s 4/8/09 report that it cost Yonkers $1.9 million in gasoline for 6 months and that includes the 203 “take-home” cars). If I’m not mistaken, I think Mike Spano gave up his official car a long time ago.

    * Has Phil Amicone discontinued the astronomical amount of city employees with cell phones where it cost us taxpayers $255,000 to fund?

    Tell me, Jiminy what has the city of hills done to curb expenses and prevent layoffs?

    I think Joan Didion was on to something when she said, “To cure jealousy is to see it for what it is – dissatisfaction with self.”

  5. Armageddon on

    I think Paterson long ago cut his pay by 10%. Maybe Spano was out of town for that one and it slipped his mind. And, true to form, Paterson said today that maybe he won’t ask for a one-day a week proposal after all, and will just ask for a short lag in payments. What a yo-yo. He’s incapable of making a decision.

  6. Jiminy Cricket on

    I would think what Phil Amicone does or does not do will be determined when a new city budget is enacted for Yonkers.

    But because Mike Spano and his fellow jokers in Albany do not have their own budget done, we will have to wait and see on that one.

    And because neither Mike Spano, his brother Nick, Cousins, or anyone else who has repped Yonkers in Albany ever introduced a bill to correct the education funding formula, Yonkers remains at a big disadvantage there, too.

    Mike Spano says in his press release that he believes in leading by example. What does that mean?

    Mike Spano can’t say “boo” unless Sheldon Silver tells him he can. The only thing Mike can do his lead his fellow Democrats off a cliff if Silver tells them to jump.

  7. Does anyone here remember what the campaign for fiscal equity is? If my memory serves me right, I think that changed the school funding formula around or about 2006???

  8. Joke = Amiclown on

    i agree 100% Amiclown has done nothing for this city but bleed us dry. City cars – gas – high taxes – Layoffs except for people in his office.

    Ur right there is a joke here – His name is Phil Amicone!!!

    Keep up the good work for the city you love Mike!!!!!

  9. Contre mon frère. I that you are mistaken and mislead. I think you need to put a little more effort in your assumption (after all, you do know what happens when one ass(u)mes) and, recheck your facts. Plus, I do believe that Geppetto is right, a new formula was put in place.

    I’m trying to rack my brain back to the good ol’ control board days and I’m almost certain that sans a state budget, didn’t Yonkers have to make do without one? In my personal opinion, Yonkers was so much better off with them here. $255,000 in cell phone bills and 203 “take-home” cars is just too ludicrous for my liking. And what Phil Amicone does do or doesn’t do post or pre a NYS Budget, concerns me.

    And, if he wants to be treated like Syracuse, then he should cut his own salary down $41,099 (that’s 2 CSEA employees right there) so that is comparable to their Mayor whose deputy doesn’t earn more then she does. I think that is what Mike Spano meant by leading by example. I can’t take the Mayor seriously when he threatens cuts and employees when he spends over a ¼ of a million a year on cell phones and I really need to know why 203 cars out of 1,186 cars needs to go home with people especially when employees live in Pennsylvania? This is why my taxes are enormous?

    In lieu of your remark about “jokers in Albany” other then pander with the best of them, do you know what that Greg Ball has done since he’s been there to change anything? I really get a kick out of him.

    To quote Coretta Scott King, *“Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more then it injures the hated.”*

  10. JOKE IS RIGHT on

    Explain why it is okay that the mayors son works for a law firm (Harris beach) That recieved a huge contract from city??


  11. Thanks for the props expose. You talk about salaries, want to get sick? Back in 2008, the Mayor’s staff all received raises. How is that justified in times of a recession? The raises were pretty significant and they are not even union employees and in no way deserve (since they serve at the pleasure of the Mayor) a pay increase. How many unions have been without contracts since 2008? I remember reading that the deputy mayor does earn at least $7 thoussand more then the Mayor does. That is insane!

  12. Anybody here smart enough to address the fiscal problems facing this state and offer workable bi-partisan solutions, or are we condemned to just listen to armies of malcontents presenting a litany of sophomoric ad hominems? The reason our legislature is known nation-wide as dysfunctional is because they do nothing but what (many of) the bloggers here do – point fingers and avoid dealing directly with the realities of our fiscal survival.

  13. Finally some straight talk out of Albany! Legislators should be lining State Street in support of staying in Albany, putting everything on the table and devising innovative ways to keep New York afloat. So many companies have turned to furloughs as a savvy way to tighten their belts. Albany can certainly do the same. Thanks Mike!

  14. Last time I checked, the State Legislators don’t get paid when the state budget is late.

  15. Their paychecks are deferred until they pass the budget but they get it all back once its passed.

  16. Machiavelli on

    I’m so perplexed. Hasn’t anyone ever learned that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Why is it that whenever Mike Spano issues any kind of press release, he is attacked like he is the reason our entire national ecomony is screwed up. I got an idea, why don’t you blame him for the oil rig explosion in the Gulf which is why our gas prices are going up. Why don’t you blame him for putting that bomber in Times Square too? I think what Mike Spano offered here is commendable and you should be looking at solutions as well. That quote by Coretta Scott King is totally applicable here since it is people like those who comment on here just cast blame and spew hatred instead of doing anything productive.

  17. mike is the only elected official I see that is actually trying to stay in Albany and also giving something back. To the people on this site who are only driven by politics I say – whatr has the Mayor done? (besides make cuts to union members while he keeps his people making 100+ in his office.

    and would like to to know if this harris law firm thing is true? does amicones son really work for a firm that recieved a huge benefit from the city????

    If true – This is disgusting and the mayor should come clean. We deserve to know!

  18. Albany Allison on

    Not a big sacrifice for Mikey Spano:

    He is marriesd to WCBS-2 Newsreader Mary Calvi and has her multi six figure salary to fall back on.

    Aniother cheap political stunt by a shameless pol.

  19. Mike $pano doesn’t use a state car because he uses campaign contributions NOT HIS SALARY to pay for his car and related expenses.
    look it up on his financials.

    Pandering liar

  20. Buddy, I just re-read Mike Spano’s release and nowhere in there does it mention anything about cars so saying *he* panders as a result of someone’s else comment is a little weak – dontcha think? I for one would much rather contribute money to an official versus paying obscene taxes and have some dude drive a city-owned car back and forth to Pennsylvania. Wouldn’t you agree?

  21. Donkey Darling on

    Give Mike credit…but George Latimer was the first Westchester Assemblyman to voluntarily cut his pay. He announced a 3% voluntary cut back in February, before the budget was late. He’s the guy from my area (Port Chester) and if you don’t actually know him, you might not know he’s a good guy. Met him last weekend at the PC Diner, where he meets with folk regularly – with Rogowsky, my County Representative.

  22. Gimme a Break on

    Hey BLT…on our side of the county PC = Port Chester. Maybe the Yonkers crowd that monopolizes this blog don’t know it, but there’s a whole world out here in Westchester that doesn’t revolve around the “City of Hills.. where nothing’s on the level”.

    For the record, I’m a Old Rye Necker/Mamaroneck Village.

    Oh yeah, and Latimer’s an OK guy.

  23. Well, tell him to get something done up in Albany – anything! Nice guys are a dime a dozen, especially politicians. We need some results before we all go broke. Tell him to whisper that in Silver’s good ear.