School elections guides available


The Journal News has been collecting information about the May 18 school board races and school budget votes at our election central page, which you can find at Go there for archived stories as well as information provided by the candidates, our endorsements, reader letters, videos, and more.

In addition to our guide, the League of Women Voters has their own site up and running for Westchester County’s elections, providing polling place and candidate information based on an address and zip code. Find it at


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  1. We have to win big to overcome the cheating we’ve already noticed. It’s not new but that which is new is that we are vigilant and are learning about this now instead of a couple months from now. will have them exposed for the cheaters these are, just as their negative campaigning has shown these folks as liars and devoid of their own ideas. Now is not time to slow down although rather to pile this on. It is enough time to leave no doubt as to where the American men and women stand.