Dem groups plan “afternoon of sushi and protesting” outside Sen. Espada’s home


A bunch of Democratic groups are planning a protest outside Sen. Pedro Espada’s home in Mamaroneck on June 5 to speak out against the embattled senator’s corruption allegations.

The protest will take place from 1 to 4 p.m. June 5 outside of Espada’s home at 115 Beechwood Drive in Mamaroneck. Check out the flyer below:

Espada Protest Flyer


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  1. I wonder if HanK Morris and his 4 Million Dollar home in the Hampton’s will be their next visit and then they could go to Steven Rattners home, and then Kevin McCabe, etc, etc.

    I am sure the Republicans would love to join them and make it a non partisan

    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli

    No More Schumer, Pelosi, Rangel,Engel, and Arthur Finkelstein & Co
    “After Four Years of Scandals it is time for Levy/Faso/Callaghan/Garcia”

  2. Robert Taft Lincoln on

    A waste of time. These folks don’t get it. Going to Espada’s family home is, quite frankly, an invasion of the family’s privacy since his home is family-owned for over 20 years, and has nothing to do with his senate duties.
    I have no gripe with Mr. Espada, who took power using parliamentary rules and skills. He is independent, what is wrong with that? Maybe these folks who obviously have nothing better to do- can go to Steven Rattner’s house too.
    Isn’t he something sort of a bag man for the Coronated Candidate for Governor of New York?

    Who is Emmy? Who does she work for? Where is the money coming from for all those buses? Why invade Espada’s family’s privacy just to heap scorn on the children and grand children to get back at him? Who is behind this move? I would not be surprised if it were the so-called “democrat” leaders at the state wide level whose brand of “Democracy” is really a dictatorship. Look how they propped up Cuomo, and voters don’t like him to be quite honest. I’d vote for David Paterson any day before I vote for Cuomo. why not use the money being wasted on this dubious protest- to buy savings bonds for the poor school students in Espada’s district? If the so-called “democrats” have time to waste on this effort, and they money to blow on buses, food for this dubious effort- then they have their priorities misplaced quite seriously. But it shows the glaring contrast between Espada, who fights for his Rent Freeze Bill against oposition from rich Manhattan Landlords, and has these people fighting him too.
    I never saw so much effort wasted on trivial pursuit of a nothing -agenda, just to bust Espada’s chops. Use that money for a real purpose. Buy savings bonds for all elementary, junior high, and high school students in the 33rd District and give them the bonds instead of wasting thousands of “member donations” on this frivolous, and deliberate effort to slander, defame someone who has not been accused of any crime. If I were Espada, I’d tell my family to leave for the weekend. What a waste of time, money, and resources by the Manhattan Young Democrats, Queens County Young Democrats, and Citizen Action of New York, Mitchell-Lama PIE, and ReBootNY!
    These groups really say by their actions that they will defame anyone, libel anyone, criminalize anyone who stands in their way, or who opposes their selfish agenda. How sad that they can use the word “democrats” when they are behaving like Fascists, pardon me. I would not waste my time on this idle ego trip for the wannabees who want to project themselves for the TV cameras. Let’s see, CBS will be there with no other than Marsha Kramer the fake blonde with the obsession to make Cuomo Governor at Espada’s expense (why does she love Cuomo?), and so will News 12, and NBC of course, that’s Cuomo’s baby.
    And the “news media” no doubt- will cover this waste of time!!! Ratings baby, ratings!! Is it any wonder Black, Latinos have been abandoning the racist “democrat” party of New York state, and have stopped buying the NEWS, POST, as well? Bring on Warren Redlich. He’s got my vote for Governor, and New Yorkers should swarm to him.

  3. If I were Espada, I’d throw them a nice Salsa party with loud Merengue music. You’d need a sound permit, of course.
    I’d invite Ricky Martin, no not him…uh….Junior Gonzalez Y Su Trio Los Borincanos to play 5 sleepy hollow songs that last 30 minutes each…that will put spark in the party. :)
    Invite the Boys Choir of Harlem to sing “There will be peace in the Valley”, and give the loudest Salsa band- the permission to play all the songs in fast upbeat sound so all the tight-assed liberals who can’t dance-they stiffs- who call them selves advocates of “democracy” can feel right at home like the bigots and fascists they really are.
    Hey, Espada, throw yourself a party since the nincompoops want to waste their time at your family home, to say nothing of invading your privacy, but who cares about decency when you got these closet bigots- going after Espada, the Puerto Rican with smarts! Lincoln is right. This misguided group of “democrats” FASCISTS are wasting valuable time, and valuable money on a nothing-activity.
    FASCISM in in. How sad!

  4. Au Contraire on

    The previous posters suggest that, instead of exercising our constitutional rights and trying to rid Albany of (fill in the blanks,) we should play some Ricky Martin CDs and buy bonds. They both (is there really more than one?) enjoy tossing around the word “fascism” in defense of the indefensible.

  5. FYI about Beechwood Drive on

    Dear Emmy

    I hope you realize the size of this street you plan on having a sit in on. There are 6 houses on this street it is a small dead end street… ONE ENTRANCE ONE EXIT. Having tons of people sit in on my street will be a GIANT inconvenience. Not only is there a large party planned for that day that was planned 2 months ago but there are older people and people with medical conditions on the street that could need immediate attention. I also hope you know that you will not be welcome guests for the street. you are not welcome to sit stand or touch our lawns. it is illegal to block the street without a permit. so I am not sure where you plan to stand sit or whatever with the cars from the aforementioned party. parallel to Beechwood drive is Mamaroneck Avenue. this is the major road in mamaroneck. its is essentially a 4 lane highway people fly around the curve at 50 miles per hour. The bottom of Beechwood Drive is blind to the curve. Having people walking standing and sitting in this area will be very dangerous and you will be putting peoples lives in danger to have them there. in the 25 years living on the street there have been 2 dogs killed and countless close calls with car crashes at this corner. Beechwood drive is on a hill. In the winter unless you have a 4 wheel drive car you can not make it up the hill. How do you plan on sitting on a 70 degree angle?

    I think you need to rethink this plan. I understand you have a cause and I am sympathetic to it. I just think you can find a better way to prove your point than harassing the other 5 families on the street that have done nothing wrong. Please do not inconvenience us, we get enough of the media and paparazzi year round.


    Concerned Resident

  6. This story was posted 2 weeks ago, but I thought you all would appreciate an update.

    You can read all about it here:

    The whole thing was peaceful, and we did exactly what we said we would do. We protested then walked to the park to eat sushi.

    To VJ Machiavelli: We have a very good relationship w/ the Young Republicans (different parties, but we both care about youth issues), but they turned down our offer to cosponsor.

    To Robert Taft Lincoln: I’m very passionate about the fact that elected officials should be able to act independently. It’s when their personal interests trump the public interest that I have a problem, and Espada is the poster-child of this pandemic. You asked about my good friend Emmy. She’s a passionate, reform-minded Democrat. She used to work for the State Senate in the Communications office during the coup. She saw the events up-close, and was so disgusted by it that she’s doing her part to bring the change that Albany so desperately needs. She now works for a issue advocacy organization – completely removed from government or the party except in her volunteer capacity as VP of MYD. You have her email, so I invite you to email her directly for more info. In fact, the State Democratic Party has completely removed itself from all matters concerning Espada. I know, I used to work for them. It’s why the groups sponsoring this event have stepped up. No one else is doing anything to ensure Espada is not reelected. Oh, and for the record, we’re not defaming or libeling anyone. Espada is currently accused of misappropriating funds and funneling taxpayer money through Soundview for his personal gain. Read the news. We’re also not racists or elitists. We’re diverse groups and many of the protesters were from the 33rd Senate District. Lastly, I’m willing to wager that if we did buy savings bonds for 33rd residents, you’d accuse us of trying to buy votes. We’ll get much closer to solving problems when we can all approach issues with an open mind.

    To Carl Denam: Music would have been great! It would have made it a real party. You’re half right – I can’t dance at all. But I’ll put up former MYD VP Ben against anyone in a dance contest.

    To Au Contraire: Thanks for the voice of reason.

    To Concerned Resident: I understand your concern, which is why you’ll be happy to know that we spent hours looking at aerial photos, maps, google street view, and even performed a site visit to ensure minimum impact on the community. We had several conversations with the police department and openly shared our plans, schedule, and contact information. No one was harmed in the course of our protest, and I’d like to think that inconvenience was kept to a minimum. We didn’t sit in the street, we stood and spoke, left a gift basket, and moved the whole show to the park. For the record, your road cannot possibly be at a 70 degree angle. Most communities have a limit of 15 degrees, and the maximum incline a Hummer can traverse is 30 degrees. Also, I didn’t notice the “large party” you spoke of. The year-round paparazzi and media attention must be annoying. I bet it dies down once your neighbor is out of office.

    Al Benninghoff
    President-Emeritus, MYD