DiNapoli gets hit twice by Republican attacks


The state GOP committee and the campaign of former hedge-fund manager Harry Wilson released two separate statements today hitting Democratic Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

Wilson campaign manager Chapin Fay released a statement criticizing DiNapoli after he “reversed his pledge” on limiting campaign contributions:

“Mr. DiNapoli took his recent flip-flops and acts of hypocrisy to new lows today, when he reversed his own pledge to limit campaign contributions. We have come to expect Mr. DiNapoli to deny his spendthrift 23- year record in a vain effort to pretend to be a reformer, but reversing a self-made pledge that is only a few months old is a new low, even for a career politician like Mr. DiNapoli. A zebra can’t change its stripes and Mr. DiNapoli cannot fool voters into thinking he’s anything but a typical politician.”

Prior to that statement going out to reporters, state Republican Committee Executive Director Alex Carey knocked DiNapoli for his statement put out on Thursday that urged lawmakers to avoid a government shutdown:

“In the midst of a crippling budget crisis that he has done nothing to avoid, Tom DiNapoli’s sudden transformation into a reform-minded fiscal watchdog is utterly preposterous. In fact, it would be laughable if the situation weren’t so dire for New York, its businesses and families,” Carey said.

DiNapoli’s statement was issued after reporters inquired what the likely effects of a government shutdown would have, if lawmakers fail to pass an emergency-budget bill to be introduced by Gov. David Paterson on Monday. DiNapoli, of Long Island, is running for a full term as comptroller after he replaced Alan Hevesi, who resigned in 2007 following revelations he used a state worker to run personal errands


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  1. Newburgh Steve on

    I’m sorry. Did I miss something? Did Harry Wilson agree to limit HIS campaign contributions? Did Harry Wilson agree not to accept pay-to-play contributions to HIS campaign? Dud Harry Wilson finnaly agree to release HIS taxes so we could see how he made millions of his hedge funds and the taxpayer bailout of Wall Street?

    Wilson is just another greedy Wall Street guy looking to get his hands on the pension fund, and he’ll say and do anything to buy the comptrollers office.

  2. Read before you Write on

    @Newburgh-I don’t think you know anything about Harry Wilson. That’s the downside of the Internet-anyone can write anything with no real knowledge behind it.
    I am a registered democrat and I admit, rich white guys from Wall Street are not my favorite demographic. That being said, I read about Harry Wilson a couple of years ago before he ran for office. He grew up upstate and a local paper wrote about him when he volunteered for Obama’s Auto Task Force.
    He put “party” and “ideology” aside and turned around GM and saved hundreds of thousands of American jobs. That kind of thing is rare in politics – very rare.
    He left Wall Street to serve his country – literally – and I know that was before the Bail Out so he didn’t get a dime of that.
    As to your other questions – Yes, you did miss something. 1) Harry Wilson is not accepting pay to play contributions, and 2) he is releasing his tax returns.
    And 3) its not that Tom DiNapoli had to limit his contributions ( Barack Obama opted out altogether and it didn’t hurt him ) but that he made such a big deal of doing so – only to renege on that statement when Shelly Silver didn’t raise enough money for him at the end of April.
    Finally,the “greedy guys looking to get their hands on the pension fund” actually worked in the public sector ( surprise) and their king pin, Hank Morris, had been a friend and advisor to Tom DiNapoli for years.
    Doesn’t that raise the question of why DiNapoli was chosen to be Comptroller – passing over the three more qualified candidates the impartial search committee id’d?
    I haven’t heard of Wilson saying or doing anything to buy the office of comptroller – and I’ll bet the truth is you haven’t either. That’s just a trite phrase tossed around whenever a candidate comes from the private sector and has achieved any degree of success.
    The alternative to using your own money to run is relying on corporate and big union PAC money – and using taxpayer dollars to promote incumbents directly through political mail or indirectly through earmarks.
    You can’t tell me that’s a better way, honestly, can you?

    I’d take another look at Wilson if you care about how your retirement money is invested.

  3. Think After You Read and Write on

    Tom DiNapoli has been a good Comptroller, vilified from the start by the press because he wasn’t who they wanted. He has struggled to raise money because he hasn’t played the usual fund-raising games. He was on Spitzer’s S-list, and Cuomo’s s-list because he wouldn’t do their bidding – which was to gut the Assembly. These Governors don’t want Silver and the rank-and-file Democrats who serve there to have influence over policy anymore. It’s the rank-and-file Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, upper Manhattan Assembly crowd that holds out against cuts to public education in NYC…all the suburbanites and trust-fund, and hedge-fund boys want to cut public funding for health care and education, services they enjoy due to wealth, which the poor of NYC do not. THAT is what the Assembly fights for, year after year, Governor after Governor. DiNapoli understands that.

    Wilson never will. 38 years old, rich and already retired.
    Cuomo, anointed son of the King never will either.

    We think we have a terrible budget deficit (which we do)? We have a deficit of honor and fairness, pols ready to mollify the middle class, stick it to the poor, so the upper classes can buy a bigger home with their lower tax bill.