Ball Defends Campaign Ad


Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, said he hasn’t violated Assembly rules that prohibit use of Assembly televised proceedings in campaign ads because the clip he uses in his ad has been in the public domain and thus isn’t directly Assembly footage.

“It’s publicly accessible. It’s in the public domain,” Ball, who is running for state Senate, said yesterday. “Anybody can go online and find it. So it’s not Assembly footage in any way.”

The ad is on his website here and includes a short clip of him on the Assembly floor ripping the Legislature as “the most dysfunctional Legislature in the United States Of America.”

Richard Nicholson, a Katonah attorney and supporter of Ball’s primary opponent Somers Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy, filed a complaint June 11 with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, and Assemblyman Dan O’Donnell, D-Manhattan, who co-chairs the Legislative Ethics Commission, to say Ball is violating Assembly rules.

The complaint, obtained by Gannett, said Ball’s ad is a “direct violation” of Assembly rules. Nicholson said in an interview that the “law couldn’t be more clear.”

Silver’s office had no immediate comment on the complaint.


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  1. Here is the problem I am having, Sheriff Don Smith knows of Greg Balls crazy antics and lies and he now buddies up to him. Don Smith and Maryellen O’dell both know that Greg Ball is a pathological liar, he treats women like they are garbage, he has been accused of stalking women, harassing women, he has robbed money from kids, he makes up stories to get headlines and yet they still want to be affiliated with this hateful man. The real question I have is what is wrong with Sheriff Don Smith and Maryellen O’dell? We already know what is wrong with Greg Ball

  2. Don Smith, Greg Ball, and Mary Ellen Odell are all good people. Smith is lost as the Sheriff, but he’s a good man. I’m glad to see these three good people have joined forces for the good of the community.

    I think you need to find some new attack lines to use against Greg Ball. The last ones are failures.

    And at least Greg Ball is not the one getting indicted by the United States Attorney this summer.

  3. Do the legislators have to pay a fee to use pictures taken while in use for their routine newsletters? Did not know they were public use.
    You bring up a good point Karen. Ball was never a fan of General Smith and now they are buddy buddy? Early in Balls poliical career, its been said that Senator Leibell treated young Ball with respect and Ball visited his office. But…that appeared to end once Ball was originally elected. He no longer needed Leibell and it seems the tide turned to destroy ! Now the Sheriff General Smith … is this a friend…or information gathering event….

    One can only use their imagination as to who has the power to push the attack on Leibell…..

    Can’t these politcal election races ever go with out controversary?

  4. It really is not about Don Smith but since he wants to be a back room player he must be exposed for his actions. Smith barely won a primary election against a relatively unknown in Jim Borkowski. Borkowski exposed many of Smith’s inefficiencies and Smith’s own deputy sheriffs refused to endorse him because of his poor leadership. Smith runs around with that holy rolly god bless you attitude but those who really know him say he is a phony and so is his act. O’Dell is nothing, she is a pawn and she does not know it, she is irrelevant and will not last through the election season. Ball is the person who has fear and that is why he is trying to hide behind O’Dell and Smith. Ball is a demon and hopefully he will not survive this election.

  5. Yeah, sure. Its in the public domain because the little dirtbag put it out there himself. LOL. Good luck with that one punk.

    I guess Mary Ellen learned her lessen, a pretty quick one, but not quick enough as she has trashed her political career and any hope of maintaining a decent reputation. So sorry charlie but you were warned by many, many, many people and chose to ignore them and believe Ball. Now how do you feel? Pretty stupid huh?

    Sheriff Don? It isn’t worth it. Ball isn’t worth it. Tony isn’t worth it. I know you get to keep your job as Sheriff no matter what happens but still, it simply is not worth it to put yourself on the same side as Ball. The damage he will do to your reputation will be irreparable and I know you honor your reputation. You do not want to bring shame on the house of Smith and that is exactly what will happen if you hitch your wagon with dirtbag Ball. And you know it.

  6. It’s so easy to answer the whining children on this lohud, because they’re all cut from the same cloth.

    Face it, you guys are desperate. You get together, and it’s all you guys discuss. The investigation. The investigation. The investigation. You’re scared out of your wits. AS WELL YOU SHOULD BE.

  7. If Don Smith were thinking about it, his record would really be revealed, everyone in the Sheriff’s office knows he is a part time New Yorker and he treats those immediately around him like garbage. Word around town is Maryellen is trying to cut a deal with anyone who is willing to offer her a job. She, like many others needs employment to survive in these hard times. Doing title work does not pay the bills these days.

  8. Continued:

    Don Smith is a great man. Greg Ball is a great man. And neither one of these GREAT MEN is under FEDERAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. No…we can leave that honor to YOUR guy. Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody has the power to get this far in a federal investigation by making a phone call, never mind a grand jury. NOBODY. So knock off the excuses because you’re giving me a headache. For you guys to claim that Greg Ball got the top federal prosecutor in the POLITICAL CORRUPTION UNIT to slap subpoenas all over Putnam, within a month, and to get an indicted person to become a cooperator, and that Ball has the power to get the United States Attorney to start giving evidence to a grand jury, you guys are living in a different reality. When the Kingmaker had the NY State Police going after Greg Ball for making a robocall to his home, the NY State Police were following Ball for two weeks. But then again the State Police are known to be so thoroughly corrupt and morally bankrupt and motivated by money and politics that it doesn’t surprise anyone. You know why Ball has such respect for Sheriff Smith? Because when that whole robocall nonsense was going on, the Kingmaker went to Don Smith to get him to have Sheriff’s Deputies follow Greg Ball, and Don Smith refused to do it. And this was at a period when Smith and Ball weren’t exactly getting along. And Smith did the right thing and the honorable thing and refused to engage in such behavior despite the political opportunity. That’s a good man. So of course the decrepit New York State Troopers of course stepped up and took their orders and were following and tailing Greg Ball everywhere he went, and sitting in front of his home all night with the lights on. State Police….NO MORALS. I hear through the grapevine this arrangement with the State Police is also a subject of subpoenas.

    So you guys are so curious about the newfound mutual respect Greg Ball and Don Smith have for each other? Now you know the story. They were brought together out of the dishonest politics of someone else, and the use of the State Police as his own personal political assasination squad. So you have only yourself to blame.

  9. samuelclemens on

    Yes, subpoenas are flying around Putnam County, and they have nothing to do with CNN producers being stalked, dead goats being found, campaign offices being vandalized and other such things. But the fact remains we have a sitting Assemblyman now running for state senate, that dropped out of running for congress. Hmmm…why? In the first mid-term election of a new presidency, the incumbent party of the president, if in the majority, generally loses lots of seats. And given the poll numbers of Obama and Congress in general, why oh why did Ball drop out? Hmmm could it be that there may be some major dirt on the goat roper down in DC?

  10. Greg Ball dropped out of the Congressional race because Uncle Vinnie put Nan Hayworth up to running just to drain Greg’s pocketbook while at the same time cutting a deal with Kaplowitz to turn the Senate seat over to Democrat hands. So that if Greg won, his seat would have been redistricted next year. Leibell tried to outflank Ball, and Ball just split the defense by running against Leibell and Kaplowitz. Oh, and he just may save the Republican Party in New York at the same time, a Republican Party whose leaders are doing their best to self-destruct.

    This man has obsessed with destroying Greg Ball for four years, and in so doing lost control of the skeletons in his own closet. Now the FBI’s got the key to that closet. In a way, it is all Greg Ball’s fault.

  11. It seems like Ball is obsessed with destroying Leibell…and this could bring lots of skeletons out of the closet for all involved including Ball.

  12. Samual: it’s over. You can stop now with the dead goat, the CNN producer, and especially with the Women Against Ball. That stuff is as ineffective now as it was 4 years and two LANDSLIDE elections ago.

    Twain is exactly right. Ball dropped out of the Congressional race because he and Vinny had an agreement: stay out of each other’s way. And Ball intended to keep his word. Vinny, of course, didn’t. As a last parting slap, he put up Nan Hayworth to destroy whatever shot Ball had at beating John Hall, no easy task.

    When Hayworth announced, Ball asked Vinny if he knew Hayworth, and he denied knowing her. When Ball asked Hayworth, she said they have known each other 20 years.

    So Ball decided enough is enough, let’s finish this right now, and he decided to take on Vinny one on one. Vinny chose the county exec instead.

    If anything, Greg Ball probably has saved the Putnam County GOP. FROM ITSELF.

  13. Huck Finn been spinning yarns way too long! LOL. Ball ran from the Congressional race with his tail between his legs because he couldn’t compete with a real candidate who was backed by DC. It had nothing to do with Leibell. And as for Leibell running for CE, he has been planning that for years and would have done it last run except for the tightness of the Republican majority in the Senate and the need to maintain as many seats as they could. Ball is a laughing stock and anyone with any common sense knows it.

    The only people who defend him are the ones who owe him their job or want one from him if he should manage to get elected again. He is the worst of the worst and will knock this county back 50 years if he were to take control of the party with backroom deals, blacklists, pay to play, and all kinds of criminal wrongdoing and financial misdealings. This County will look like Boss Daly of Chicago rose from the dead.

  14. Is it true that if Ball does not win the primary, he will be done, or will he still be on the ballot in Nov. to run against a democrat? If Ball loses, he is out of job? come January 2011?

  15. Vote them out! on

    Greg Ball. a subsidiary of big labor. brought to you by the AFL-CIO. the guy has taken tens of thousands of dollars in big union money and has never met a blue collar bill he didn’t like. his campaign literature even brags about his 100% pro-labor voting record and why card check was a good idea! just like when the CSEA backed George Pataki, the pro-union people will be out in force for Greg ball, the big labor Republican.

  16. samuelclemens on

    Hey Huck, do you really believe Ball dropped out because someone was going to primary him? How many open seats for Congress do not involve primaries? Maybe less than half a percent don’t is my guess. When Sue Kelly won the Republican Primary for Ham Fish’s seat, now held by Hall, there were four other contenders, one a Medal of Honor recipient, and another an Air Force general. So you’re telling the board here that Nan Hayworth, a relative unknown, was put up by Leibell and it scared Ball out of the race. Your ignorance is jaw dropping.

  17. You’re funny.

    There will be indictments before September.

    And Greg Ball won’t be one of those indicted.

  18. samuelclemens on

    Hey Huck, That may well be the case, as the two are mutually exclusive. But it still does not change the fact that your “dear leader” is undeserving of the office he now holds, or the one he currently seeks. I know the Daily News is a liberal rag, but check it out today. Google this in quotes “Waitress at Albany bar accuses upstate Assemblyman Greg Ball of groping her in ‘sexual manner'” or you can use this link if you wish ASSemblyman Ball our elected dirt bag, what a guy!

  19. In the news again on


    Friday, July 2nd 2010, 4:00 AM

    ALBANY – An upstate assemblyman is accused of getting grabby with a waitress
    during a recent rowdy night out at an Albany bar, the Daily News has

    Assemblyman Greg Ball, 32, a Putnam County Republican, is said to have
    groped the waitress in a “sexual manner” June 21 at the Assembly Restaurant
    and Lounge.

  20. Gee. Earth-shattering.

    Wake me up when all the corruption indictments are announced, will ‘ya?

  21. And you still don’t believe Greg Ball has issues with women. Read the most recent report on Greg Ball groping a female waitress in an Albany restaurant. Check out today’s Daily News page 18, Ball is at it again. Maybe he will try to blame someone else for this one to. Remember, Ball is never accountable for his own actions, there is always a someone else setting him up, just ask Jim Coleman.

    Ball and women are like oil and water they just do not mix.

    It appears to me that Greg Ball hates women or he simply just has no respect for them.

    Lets see what Ball’s ghost writers Coleman and Neuringer have to say about this one.

  22. Greg ball is a fake republican who votes for tax increases and union supporting bills. He is also psychotic. No one wants to work with him. There is nothing more important to the lower hudson valley than having a republican majority in the senate. However, Ball is a huge liability, primarily because of his inability to get out of his own way. He is a narcissist, chauvinist, and is not a fiscal conservative. He is one of the crappy republicans from the Bush years who screams about immigration/abortion/gays to get hate monger votes. Murphy is a good candidate with a proven history of getting things done. I have been a Somers resident my whole life and with out question she is the most effective leader we have ever had. Ball has been in the Assembly for 4 years, has not authored a single bill, voted for the biggest tax increase in NY state history for a 25000 dollar piece of pork. He is nothing but a rabid hate mongering politician that needs to be put down in the November election.