Paladino backs Paterson’s veto


They may not have a lot in common, but Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has the back of Gov. David Paterson when it comes to his 6,900 or so vetoes of new spending and legislative pork.

Paterson struck out $419 million in school aid and plans to veto an additional $300 million in member item projects after lawmakers passed their own budget without a contingency plan in case the state loses up $1 billion in federal Medicaid funding.

Paladino, who called the governor a “drug addict” last week, gave Paterson some credit.

“Governor David Paterson deserves credit for inking up his stamp to veto $419 million in education spending and for pledging to take aim at an additional $300 million in new spending and pork. I would not sign the very first extender and every extender thereafter until the runaway State Legislature stops wasting taxpayers’ money. But better late than never,” Paladino said. “This never-ending budget drama represents the kind of irresponsible government I will change when I become governor.”

Paladino, a developer and business man from Buffalo, is trying to wrest the GOP nomination for governor away from former Rep. Rick Lazio, the party’s preferred candidate by petitioning for a spot on the primary ballot. He is also trying to gain a spot on the November ballot on a third-party line.


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  1. Dear Mr. Gritty,I think the Post (or News) recently ran a photo dipncteig Cuomo in a proper suit, but the rest of the candidates dressed in in clown outfits.I didn’t see the debate, but since you describe it as a circus . I was just wondering were they all actually wearing their red rubber noses?