Silver Says Not Much Left To Talk About On Budget


Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, said the revenue raisers that the Legislature plans to approve — the Senate in the midnight hours and the Assembly tomorrow morning — are pretty well set.

“I don’t envision any great talks about changing it,” Silver said.

Silver said any override of Paterson’s vetoes would be considered after the budget is adopted. But in the Senate, Republicans has indicated that they would not support an override, and their votes would be needed to do it.

Silver was asked whether the SUNY reforms, being pushed by some Senate Democrats to be part of a budget deal, would hold up the final budget deal. He suggested that it could be an off-budget issue, and reiterated concerns about the impact of letting SUNY schools set their own tuition rates, which the Assembly has warned could lead to big increases in tuition.

“If we have to talk about a substantive issue that has no impact on the budget, we’re prepared to talk about it,” he said. “But the one thing this conference has stood for is an affordable education from pre-k to B.A. so we are not going to put SUNY education out of the reach of anybody who wants it in this state.”

He also said there could be a deal with the state Senate to adopt no-fault divorce in New York, something that has already passed the Senate.


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