Does Liam McLaughlin want Andrea Stewart-Cousins to cut or not cut?


Democratic State Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ Republican challenger Liam McLaughlin issued a press release today that seems to send mixed messages.

In his headline McLaughlin accuses Stewart-Cousins of collecting per diem payments while programs are cut. Then in the body of his release he claims the senator and her fellow Democrats refuse to cut “wasteful spending.”

For the record, Gov. David Paterson, a Democrat, has vetoed thousands of spending projects as part of his effort to close the state’s deficit, though that hasn’t yet been achieved.

UPDATED on 4:20 p.m., July 8, 2010

McLaughlin said this afternoon that  legislators should not get stipends while not getting their jobs done, namely passing a budget by April 1.

“The point is they should forgo the stipend,” McLaughlin said.

As for cutting costs, McLaughlin noted that the Democrats still haven’t cut billions from the deficit, other than programs that were dear to some homeowners.

“There is obviously a difference between cutting good projects and bad projects,” McLaughlin said. “They’ve cut good projects like the STAR property tax rebate.”

Here is McLaughlin’s release:

$tewart-Cousins Takes Home Thousand$ While Programs Are Cut
[YONKERS, NY, July 8, 2010]- Liam McLaughlin, the conservative Republican candidate for New York State Senate (35th S. D.), today called on his opponent, liberal State Senator Andrea $tewart-Cousins to “return all per diem payments to New York State and waive any future payments she is scheduled to receive during the course of the New York State Budget crisis”.

A “per diem” is an allowance received by legislators to help defray travel, food and living expenses while the Senate is in session. It is paid in addition to their salaries at the current rate of $171 per day.

Liam McLaughlin said, “Today, I am calling on Senator Andrea $tewart-Cousins to return any per diem payments she has received since April 1, 2010 to the state coffers and waive any future payment until New York’s budget crisis is settled. Ms. $tewart-Cousin’s is currently receiving this personal perk despite the fact that she, Pedro Espada, Carl Kruger and the rest of the big spending Senate Democrats refuse to do the right thing and cut wasteful spending so that government services in New York can continue to function.

She is currently collecting $171 dollars per day on top of her already generous state salary. New Yorkers are suffering. Government workers face lay-off, critical programs for the young and the elderly are being closed down, and yet, Andrea $tewart-Cousins continues to collect her daily stipend, pumping up her take home pay by thousands of dollars over the course of 3 months the budget has been late. It’s obvious; Andrea $tewart-Cousins is as liberal with your tax dollars as she is with her politics. “


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  1. What “mixed message”? Liam is talking about the scarf lady, not Patterson. She and her fellow lazy senators have “blink of an eye” senate sessions, still have not done their jobs, yet they collect perks.


    The way they have behaved this year, which is the worst ever, they should be paying the People of the State of New York instead of them getting a penny. I would be ashamed to take perk money when I do not do anything.

    But then again, that perk money comes in handy at the scarf counter at Lord and Taylors.

    Right on Liam

  2. Makes sense to me on

    Seems to be a very clear message to me…. Stewart-Cousins created overtime for herself. She couldn’t complete her job within her regularly scheduled hours so she instead is rewarded with thousands of dollars in overtime (per diem). It is disgraceful that she accepted that money, especially in this economic climate.

  3. I totally understand what Mr. McLaughlin is saying. These per diem stipends, which are paid for by our tax dollars are totally “wasteful spending”. In fact Andrea Stewart-Cousins and her colleagues rather than receiving these daily stipends for their incompetance, should be fined at least twice the amount for each day the budget is late.
    Good work, Liam

  4. Funny that the NYS Assembly stayed and did the job they were elected to do while the Senate dems went and took a vacation.

    Good Job Senator Mclaughlin. We have had no one represent us since Nick Spano left office. Lets elect Liam so that Westchester once again has a voice.

  5. What a shame on

    Once again Stewart-Cousins proves that self service is mor important than public service

  6. oh, please, liam and his four supporters can do better than this nonsense. i will be a damn sight more impressed when he calls on dean skelos to give up his per-diems and his taxpayer funded car and driver. you know, liam, dean skelos, the guy you are depending on to bankroll your campaign. here is a bit of news though, the senate republicans don’t have it like they used to, they stand for nothing, drove the state into the ground over the last forty years and are bereft of any ideology. and that star rebate check gimmick, cost the state 1.4 billion, and did NOTHING to reduce property taxes.

  7. What a shame on

    Hey Wise One… looks like you do math as well as Stewart-Cousins. Seems like six supporters commented to me.

    Anyway, the quote is “McLaughlin said this afternoon that legislators should not get stipends while not getting their jobs done, namely passing a budget by April 1.” Legislators, plural. Did I paint a clearer picture for you?

  8. lions and lambs on

    This race is a sacrifical lamb by the Senate Republicans so they can keep Gubernatorial turnout light while they try to pickup the truly competitive districts. Classic voter suppression. The Senate Republicans are spending their money and sending their volunteers to Bob Cohen, Mary Beth Murphy and Scott Vanderhoef…

  9. what a shame, i am assuming you and liam are using more than one screen name. and, again, when he sends a press release to newsday asking dean skelos to give up his per diem, then i will eat my hat. i notice you don’t address my statement on who would be footing the bill for the campaign, or the 40 years of gimmicks that led to this debacle or the property tax sham rebate? just saying….

  10. Ernie Garcia’s colors are showing. Ernie, please stop claiming that you are a reporter when you are a shill for democratic candidates every time.
    I don’t even like Liam but your “article” is so slanted that it is disgusting. You said Nothing about his prior press releases but he scolds the scarf lady and yoou and your ultra liberal fellow travelers begin bashing.
    Do us a favor and just stop commenting.

  11. the consultant on

    the senate is controlled by the democrats..rather than
    make the tough decisions necessary to put a real budget
    in place they passed and adjourned for vacation..this abdication of responsiblity is symptomatic of the dysfunction that has plagued albany and particularly the
    democratic state senate..which has failed to deal with
    the budget pedro espada, and run away spending..liam
    will beat andrea just as other incumbants will fall because
    one party rule in albany has to come to an end…because
    andrea has not demonstrated leadership in any of the above
    issues but simply follows the lead of malcolm smith and
    because if you examine the astorino spano numbers it is
    clear that those who will turnout in westchester want
    change…this election cycle will oust incumbant ny
    state democratic senators regardless of how andy cuomo
    fares against rick lazio..people are not stupid nor
    will they be voting party lines…the great bulk of
    non party registered voters will determine the outcome
    and that bodes poorly for andrea and suzi..both…

  12. The irresponsible big taxers and big spenders leave Albany to go home to celebrate the 4th of July, which was precipitated by the Boston Tea Party, a tax revolt which ignited the eventual revolution. How ironic does it get?

  13. if you people are dumb enough to believe that the revolution was caused by the tea tax, then i give up. the peasants didn’t even drink tea. it was a campaign strategy thought up by the aristocracy to generate public opposition to the crown.

    try actually reading some real history books, not just the claptrap printed by the school boards. next you will tell me the civil war was really about slavery.

  14. Taxes, Taxes, Taxes, oh great “wise one.” TAXES. Sugar Act, Stamp Act, imposed TAX to pay for French and Indian War, TAXES, TAXES, TAXES. Boston Tea Party represents all of it. In the 1700’s, ‘dumb’ meant muteness. Today, it means ‘stupid.’ Furthermore, the rules of “capitalization,” which escape you, differ substantially from the rules of “capitalism.” The Civil War, despite the whitewashing by various slippery historians in trying to give justification to their “scholarship,” was all about states’ rights (slavery,) abolition (slavery,) the western expansion, (slavery,) cheap labor for the all-important (to the South) cotton industry, (slavery.) No prize, but thanks for playing.