GOP campaign committee puts Ball on defensive in Senate race (updated)


The war of words heated up today between Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Patterson, and his supporters and the Senate Republican Campaign Committee. The committee is backing Somers Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy in the race for the seat, which is being vacated by Sen. Vincent Leibell, R-Patterson.

One of Ball’s ex-girlfriends and a contingent of other women, including Ball’s mother, said at a news conference today that Ball is being unfairly maligned. The event was in response to a committee-sponsored mailer that detailed an alleged incident in which Ball is accused of groping an Albany waitress.

Scott Reif, a spokesman for the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, confirmed that it sent out the negative campaign literature on Ball. Reif said Ball has a “pattern of sexual misconduct towards women,” and that is a legitimate campaign issue. The Senate Republican Campaign Committee released the following statement this evening:

“This is a tired rerun of what happened two years ago when news first broke that Greg Ball had been hit with an order of protection for stalking his ex-girlfriend.  The facts are the facts, and Greg Ball stands accused of groping a waitress at an Albany bar, an account several eyewitnesses confirmed.  Today, he trots out a woman whose mother is on the payroll of Ball political ally Steve Katz to spread lies.  Those accusations are slanderous and are subject to legal liability.  The residents of Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester counties are tired of the distractions, tired of the conspiracy theories and tired of all of the excuses.  You can’t take anything Greg Ball says seriously.”
But Lauren Pistone, Ball’s ex-girlfriend who spoke at the news conference, said her mother doesn’t work for Steve Katz and never has. She is 67 and lives in Florida most of the time. Pistone said her mother gave her money she was due from Katz because of a problem with Pistone’s bank, and the campaign then made the check out to her mother.

Murphy is the endorsed GOP and Conservative Party candidate for the seat. Westchester County Legislator Michael Kaplowitz, D-Somers, is also running for election.


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  1. I don’t think you can take SRCC seriously on anything they say. Why did they take 24 hours to acknowledge they wrote the mailer and paid for it? How many thousands of dollars did that cost? Only to attack someone? Why didn’t the SRCC put their name on the mailer? Why the anonymous mailer? Were they ashamed to be engaging in this type of behavior? The SRCC is the very reason why the Republican party is weak all throughout NYS. They choose to stand behind idiots, cowards, losers, and clubhouse politicians. They need to come to reality that Ball will win this race. Then what will they do? Keep attacking Ball?

    So the next time the SRCC decides to hit you up for a donation, just understand that it most likely is NOT going toward helping Republicans get elected but rather to attack other Republicans.

  2. The Senate spokesmoron says “those accusations are slanderous and subject to legal liability.”

    But aren’t they the ones making up a phony incident report about someone and mailing that all over creation?

    Ironic that Scott Reif was the personal spokesperson to convicted felon Joe Bruno for years, and is now the personal spokeperson for Marybeth Murphy and Uncle Vinny.

    Everyone knows that Uncle Vinny etc., approaches every Ball affiliate and promise them the world to help take down Ball, they don’t even try to hide that fact. They even paid someone to make up a phony sexual harassment claim in 2008!

    But some how that truth is slanderous and subject to legal liability…and their anonymous mailer containing another phony claim is okay?

  3. Pistone sets the record straight:

    “It wasn’t my mother who was paid off by Greg’s political ally, it was ME!”

    And paid-off she certainly was. Just a few weeks ago, Ms. Pistone was running around every local political event talking to every politico she could about what a piece of work Mr. Ball is. She even relayed a story about how Mr. Ball was calling around to other campaign threatening his support if Ms. Pistone remained on the payroll.

    So, what happened? You look at the financial disclosure’s and you tell me.

  4. I just have one question: What has any of these candidates
    done for the people over the last 12 years? Have they lowered taxes? The answer is NO, have they lowered spending?
    the answer is NO, have they fought to protect people rights?
    the answer is No, have they wasted millions of dollars in tax payer funds? The answer is yes. Why would we want any of these candidates in Albany when they have not done one
    blasted thing for the people in all those years in office.

  5. Politics or Trash on

    Over and over again, when Mr. Ball runs for office we have months of trash. How come we do not hear this about other candidates? All this stuff sound like people are from Trailor Trash Town. For it to stop, Mr. Ball should not respond to the stuff and move on to being the Assemblyman until Dec. 31. Show people he can get something done as right now the cupboard is bare.

  6. Hey SSRC, if Greg Ball calls looking for money, can we assume it is going to his run for Assembly….I mean Congress….I mean State Senate. Let’s face it, Greg spends 99% of his money on negative items, mainly because he has nothing to show for his years in office. Greg has been on the government payroll since he graduated High School and to my knowledge has never had a real job, who is the real career politician.

    Ms. Pistone is just another person who drank the Greg Ball cool aid and as soon as she has nothing to offer Ball will dump her also just like when Katz stops writing checks for Ball he will become a thing of the past as well.

  7. VinnyVinnyVinny on

    “SO CONFUSED” couldn’t have been more right. Leibell used to approach anyone who was affiliated with Ball and make them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Or they’re too weak to refuse. Leibell blamed the FBI investigation on Greg Ball, when it was Leibell’s own outrageous behavior that started the FBI investigation. Leibell even sunk so low that he pretended to be Greg’s friend, pretended to want to help Greg, then recommended that Greg hire some fat, disloyal blob named Robert DiFrancesco as Chief of Staff. DiFrancesco took the job as Ball’s chief of staff and was secretly working for Leibell the whole time, passing Leibell all sorts of confidential campaign material. Then DiFrancesco stole ink toners from the Assembly before he was outed and fired. As a reward for DiFrancesco’s disloyalty, Leibell got DiFrancesco a job with Nan Hayworth. DiFrancesco only works with people too desperate to hire anyone else. Hayworth was warned by several people about DiFrancesco but her connection to Uncle Vinnie was far too strong to say no. Greg Ball is still wondering why DiFrancesco was never arrested for theft.
    Look at all the shlubb that Ball’s put up with over the years. Leibell always said Ball was out of his mind, but now we see it is Leibell who was out of his mind, and obsessed with Greg Ball. In the end, GREG BALL WON.