DioGuardi out with first ad: ‘The world’s most expensive credit card’


U.S. Senate hopeful Joe DioGuardi is out with his first television ad, a 30-second spot that knocks Congress for overspending.

“In Congress they use this card to vote, but they’ve turned it into the most expensive credit card in the world,” says DioGuardi, a former congressman from Westchester County. “And you get the bill.”

In the spot, which debuts on Thursday, DioGuardi highlights his time in the House and his work as a certified public accountant.View the ad here.

“This credit card is a ticking time bomb that cripples the economy, stops job creation and will make us poor,” he says while holding up his voting card.

DioGuardi is competing against former Nassau County Legislator Bruce Blakeman and economist David Malpass for the Republican nomination to challenge U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in November. DioGuardi is the first of the GOP challengers with a television ad.


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  1. Great Ad!
    Talks about the issues New Yorkers are interested in–jobs and the national debt.
    It’s about time LoHud started covering the campaign of their area’s former Congressman, Joe DioGuardi.
    Being the only one with the Conservative Party Line, DioGuardi is going to win the Republican Primary–no doubt.
    Then it’s on to defeat Senator “Phony” (Gillibrand).

  2. Joe DioGuardi has it exactly right! The federal government thinks they can spend our money like a credit card. Our current U.S. Senator Gillibrand in the past year, has voted for every spending bill proposed because she thinks she can spend our money like a credit card. Send Joe DioGuardi to the U.S. Senate and watch him stop the madness!

  3. oooh I like it. It’s pretty slick, but it gets the message across simply and effectively and shows that DioGuardi has the poise that Malpass or Blakeman will never have… its pretty clear who is real thing here and who are the fakes.

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