Malpass, on offensive, knocks DioGuardi as perennial candidate (updated)


Joe DioGuardi hasn’t been the idol of Westchester County voters and one of his opponents for the GOP Senate primary is pointing that out today.

Update: The DioGuardi campaign’s response is below.

The campaign of David Malpass, one of three Republicans seeking to challenge U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand this November, knocked DioGuardi for being “perennially rejected” by voters for a House seat. The press release sent today is one of the first in which Malpass is critical of one of his Republican rivals, an indication that the primary race is likely tightening.

From the release:

Westchester County voters rejected perennial candidate Joseph J. DioGuardi for Congress five times over a 12-year span, so what makes him now think he can win a statewide U.S. Senate seat, the campaign spokeswoman of Republican U.S. Senate candidate and nationally recognized conservative economist David R. Malpass (R-T) today asked.

After being removed from office by Westchester voters in 1988 — after just two terms in Congress where he voted against President Reagan almost half the time — Mr. DioGuardi, a registered lobbyist for Albanian causes, unsuccessfully ran against Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D) in 1988 and 1992, followed by unsuccessful primaries against Congresswoman Sue Kelly (R) in 1994, 1996, 1998, and 2000 *.

“Joe DioGuardi has been a fixture on the ballot since Dynasty topped television ratings,” said Jessica Proud, Mr. Malpass’s spokeswoman. “After voting against Ronald Reagan almost half the time in his abbreviated stint in Congress, Mr. DioGuardi was soundly rejected at the polls by voters, but he never got the message. After becoming a Washington lobbyist, he kept running and running and running in Westchester County, but he was rejected by the voters every time. If the voters who knew him best repeatedly rejected him, what makes Mr. DioGuardi think he can win a statewide race now? He needs to explain that to Republican Primary voters.”

DioGuardi filed papers to run in 2000, but ultimately abandoned the campaign. DioGuardi did serve as the congressional representative from Westchester for two terms before losing to Nita Lowey. But Malpass, a former Treasury Department official and economist for Bearn Sterns, has never run or won an election for public office.

DioGuardi, the father of soon-to-be-former “American Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi, has the backing of the state Conservative Party. Malpass is also running on the Carl Paladino-backed Taxpayers line. Bruce Blakeman, a former Nassau County legislator, received the backing of state Republican Party in June.

DioGuardi spokesman Tom Kise hit back with this statement:

David Malpass should find something better to do with his Bear Sterns millions than sling schoolyard attacks at Joe DioGuardi.

While Mr. Malpass was chief economist for Bear Sterns and leading our economy off a cliff, Joe was busy fighting to end genocide in the Balkans and holding government accountable to the people.

Mr. Malpass needs to let the voters know why if he is such a renowned economist he failed to see the economic crisis before it was too late? Or was it because he was more concerned with his bottom line than the peoples?

Joe DioGuardi has spent the last 20 years fighting for truth in government accounting and protecting jobs in America from out of control Washington spending.


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  1. David Malpass, understands the voters of Westchester County? Are you for real?

    #1 The Republican Primary Race is not tightening.
    Mr. Malpass has not broken 5% with decided Primary voters.
    Joe DioGuardi is the Conservative Party Nominee–he will win the Primary big (no doubt).

    #2 David Malpass is a New York City liberal Republican–he does not understand the concerns of the citizens of Westchester County.

    #3 Why are LoHud Blogs so obsessed with this New York City guy, Malpass (other than monetary reasons)? DioGuardi was your Congressman. DioGuardi has lived in Westchester County for over 4 decades.

    #4 DioGuardi was never a paid lobbyist–this was clearly answered in the YNN debate last Tuesday night. Clearly, Ms. Proud does not have the intelligence to find another talking point than that of Bruce Blakeman.

  2. this is another example of how ed cox screwed up not
    only the gubenatorial chances for a republican but
    the senatorial chances as well.blakeman and malpass
    are weak candidates at best..dioguardi has 1. a base
    in westchester…2. conservative support 3. a daughter
    who is famous…he will win the primary and lose the
    general election to gillibrand..the republicans should
    have been able to recruit a better candidate in light
    of the weakness of the democratic candidate..but it
    could not…too bad…we do not need another chuck
    schumer from new york…

  3. Joe DioGuardi is a flake. He’s that crazy guy in the back of the room who has to be escorted out at some point.

  4. Yeah ok Malpass, you are a failed economist and part of the problem, not the solution. Face it guy, you have no real new ideas and you have the personality of a wet paper towel.Good luck getting any farther than this in the political scene ever, even if you had the corrupt hook-ups of Blakeman it still wouldn’t help you.

  5. Carrie, failed would-be economist is more like it. Taking Econ classes at Georgetown doesn’t make you an economist any more than taking biology classes makes you a medical doc. The Wall Street Journal article he wrote as the sub-prime mortgage crisis was causing Bear Stearns to implode was completely off and self-serving. I wonder how many people were harmed, and how many millions were lost, by believing his wishful thinking.