Small Business Group Makes First Endorsement, and It’s For Murphy


The state’s chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business today endorsed Somers Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy in a Republican primary against Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County. It is the group’s first endorsement of the election season.

“Mary Beth Murphy is the right candidate for small business in this race–and the candidate who has demonstrated the strongest support for the small business agenda,” NFIB/New York State Director Mike Elmendorf in a statement.

Unshackle Upstate put out a scorecard yesterday on state lawmakers, giving Ball a score of 52 out of 100. That ranked him 35th among the state’s 150 Assembly members.


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  1. All of UnShackle Upstates so-called taxpayer items seem to be illegal alien coddling measures for contractors, and anti-environment stances (losing points for the hydro-fracking ban? Tell me how that “unshackles” Westchester? Not a single job will come here from hydro-fracking)

    UnShackle Upstate certainly does not align with Westchester’s business agenda. All of the Hudson Valley Assemblymembers, Republicans and Democrats, suffered for backing environmental and anti-illegal alien bills and that is ridiculous, and they’re still in the top 25% of the Assembly. Even Ball’s primary opponent would have voted the same way. Leibell had a similar score of 62!

  2. I can’t believe this article mentions Ball and there’s only two posts. A miracle!

  3. Murphy win rock! on

    This year’s Primary and General elections will be voter revolts against Alabny incumbents. New York State government is brtoken and it is time for new leaders. Ball and the rest of the incumbents must go!!!!

  4. Vote for Murphy if you want more dysfunction in Albany!
    She has done nothing for the people of Somers over the
    past 12 years accept to raise taxes, increase spending,
    made tougher town codes for homeowners, added more red
    tape, made deals with Andy Spano, sold out the people
    of Somers to boost her political career. Gave herself
    pay raises, spent more then 200,000 on office expenses.
    Had her own relative appointed to deputy town Supervisor.
    Prior to that Murphy allowed her relative to be on the
    town board which is a conflict of interest and unethical.
    Do we really need another lawyer/politician up in Albany?

  5. Hey No Contest,

    How did Mary Beth “let” her relative get on the Town Board? Did she go out and vote for him 2,000 times. I thought we lived in America and people have freedom of choice. If the people of Somers did not want him on the Town Board they would not have voted him in 3 or 4 times.

  6. Town board members are elected right? How did Mary beth elect a person? If someone leaves the board, and a fill in is appointed, it needs board approval. Not one person.

    Do we need G.
    Ball in Albany? NO. He has had four years. Get rid of those that have been there. NEW faces are needed.

  7. Hey GOP, Its a conflict of interest when your a town Supervisor to have your own relatived on the same
    town board, and then have that same relative Deputy
    Supervisor of Somers??? Its unethical practice at
    best but does anyone really think that Murphy cares?
    Its all about control, power, and greed with Murphy.
    How many other relatives and friends has Murphy hired
    to high paying jobs that they were not entitled to in
    order to have complete control over each town dept?
    How many political favors has Murphy done for her good
    friends,relatives,and political cronies over the past
    12 years? How many law suits were filed against Murphy
    in those 12 years? How many of them were by former town
    board members of Somers? Maybe the people should check
    into all the town records to see what Murphy is really
    about, enstead of painting this phoney picture of her?

    Lets talk about the deals that Murphy made with Andy
    Spano, the people of Somers did’nt even know that they
    were being sold out by their own town Supervisor who
    they had trusted but now know the truth. Murphy rammed
    the affordable housing deal down the throats of every
    homeowner in Somers by obligating the town to build
    affordable housing on contaminated land, which she
    knew was contaminated before she even made the deal.
    Now all of route 6 will be backed up for miles in both
    directions thanks to Murphy, and all for her political
    career to get elected state senator.

    How many times in 12 years has Murphy raised taxes in
    Somers? I’ll tell you,12 out of 12 times as town Super-

    How many times has Murphy increased spending out of those
    12 years as town Supervisor? 11 out of 12 times, and the
    only reason for reducing spending slightly was this year.
    The reason for the slight reduction was very simple, to
    get elected State Senator and nothing more. It was not for
    the benefit of the people thats for sure, it was for her
    own political career.

    Lets take a look at all the new town codes that Murphy has changed over the past 12 years, and see how they have made it impossible for the average homeowner to enjoy his/her own
    property due to all the new restrictions, permit fees, etc.
    Look at the Somers town planning board, see how they have
    an attorney for the town present,a town planner present,a
    town engineer present, including a secretary for the engineering dept? Murphy has complete control over ever single thing that goes on in Somers, and talk about wasteful
    spending? Murphy has spent more money then any town Supervisor in the history of Somers, and thats a fact.

    The so called MASTER PLAN, what a scam, over 15 years, and
    millions of wasted tax dollars each year and still no plan?
    Thanks to Mary Beth Murphy, more wasteful spending and more
    red tape, more control, thats what Murphy is all about.

    What has Murphy done for the people in 12 yrs in Somers?
    The answer is very simple……….NOTHING !!!!

  8. ball is very beatable in this
    primary…the srcc knows that
    which is why they are dumping
    tons of cash into the race…
    ball isn’t working like he
    has in past elections and its
    catching up with him…i think
    he still wins on primary day
    but i wouldn’t be surprised
    at all if he lost…this race
    is far from over…

  9. Alot of people in Somers would vote for Murphy
    just to get her out of Somers, and thats a fact.

  10. Alot of people in Somers would vote for Murphy
    just to get her elected and be rid of Ball, and thats a fact.