Senate Republicans Keep Spending On Murphy (Updated)


Senate Republicans continue to spend on behalf of Senate candidate Mary Beth Murphy in her primary battle with Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, records today show.

The Senate Republican Campaign Committee spent $65,116 on Murphy in recent days, likely on a mailer, according to the committee’s 11-day pre-primary filing. That’s in addition to the $55,922 they spent on her earlier this month, and the $75,000 they transferred to her campaign this month.

Updated: The committee has spent a total of $65,116 during the campaign on Murphy, so they spent another roughly $10,000 on her campaign in recent days.

Ball has sought to portray himself as the anti-establishment candidate backed by Tea Party supporters, saying in a statement last week that, “All of our opponents have the endorsement of the Albany Insiders, and the local political machine. I just want people to think very clearly, when the hand of Albany, or the hand of the local political machine, reaches down to pick the candidates, does that hand pick that candidate for their independence or willingness to shake things up?”

And not be outraised, Ball’s supporters are holding this lavish fundraiser later this month in Greenwich. But that’s coming on Sept. 19, a few days after next Tuesday’s primary.

Senate Republicans spent $149,701 on behalf of Senate candidates in recent days, but the most was on Murphy by far. The committee, for example, spent $33,927 on Queens Sen. Frank Padavan and $24,213 on upstate Senate candidate Patricia Ritchie.

Senate candidate and Rockland County Executive Scott Vanderhoef, meanwhile, transferred $11,500 to the Senate committee from his own campaign committee. Sens. Marty Golden, R-Brooklyn, and Hugh Farley, R-Niskayuna, Schenectady, also transferred similar amounts back to the party.


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  1. 315 State Street on

    writing this from the same building as the SRCC, the SRCC has spent $0 in the Murphy-Ball race. the money that they have been spending is actually vinny leibell’s money that he has funneled through them, since he cannot give the $100k to Murphy directly..

  2. 315 State Street is still the same people that have aided the Democrats in running this once great state into the ground.

  3. Ball can’t get along with anyone. Ever. Why in the world would we want him in a legislature where getting along and forming alliances is a way of life. Ball’s vote counts for nothing and that’s why he has accomplished nothing in the last 4 legislative sessions.

    I say good riddance.

  4. If Ball considers someone a threat to his advancement, he will do anything to ruin that person. So, if Leibell is funneling money through the SRCC to Murphy, so be it. Ball from the start was a self serving professional politician. He pretended to be a successful businessman working for “Exceed Development”, which was not licensed to do business in the state of NY. He ran around the district for two years full time running for the Assembly seat he now holds. As soon as he was Assemblyman-elect he closed down the phony Exceed office he had opened in Pawling. Who is Exceed Development, and why did they pay him 100K a year to become a professional politician? Bueller? Bueller? The crickets from the local media are deafening.

  5. There is nothing that demonstrates the lengths that the entrenched powers that be in Albany will go to to keep control of the most dysfunctional legislature in the United States, than their profligate spending in support of Ms. Murphy.

    Tuesday’s primary is a morality play between the forces of good and evil and a fight for the soul of good government in New York State.

    It would be funny if it were not so sad.

  6. Follow the money on

    reeve1. I agree with you completely regarding this being about good vs evil. Unfortunately, you have the sides wrong.

  7. Greg Ball surrounds himself with combat veterans = good

    Mary Beth Murphy surrounds herself with Vinney Liebell people = evil

    That says it all. The fact that she’s been attacking Ball “and his supporters” in her recent releases is even more pathetic

  8. Follow the money on

    Greg Ball surrounds himself with whomever can do him the most good. Have you noticed that NOBODY with Greg is still around from when he first came on the scene in 2006? Either they’ve run out of money and Greg has dumped them or they’ve learned the real Greg and fled.

  9. I support Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, so how can they possibly support Greg Ball?
    The circuit breaker tax program that he supports with Sandy Galef is unfair and will further drive the middle class out of the area. He didn’t learn from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? If people don’t have the income for a certain size house, they shouldn’t be living there. The other middle class people who can’t hide their income like people in other “cash” professions, will have to make up the shortfall as certain individuals continue to abuse the system. I support the tax cap and MTA payroll tax repeal, but I will never vote for anyone who will adjust property taxes based on wages.
    I think this round has to go to Mary Beth Murphy.


    Mike is right. Greg Ball supports the Working Families Party’s circuit-breaker idea over a property tax cap. Plus, Ball voted for the largest personal income tax increase in New York State history.

    Perhaps now it’s becoming transparent why pro-union Ball was denied the Conservative Party line in this race.

  11. Not the first time on

    Greg voted along with the Working Family Party members and other Liberals including Sheldon Silver to raise almost a million dollars in new revenue for Albany and also raise taxes on high-income New Yorkers. How can he possibly keep saying that he’s voted against every tax increase?

    Go to votesmart dot org and search for bill A11838 in 2008.