New Machines, New Problems in Today’s Primaries


Primary day got off to a rough start today at some polling places in the region, in part, because of the new gadgetry that’s being used for the first time.

Early reports from the field show problems in Mount Kisco, Bronxville, Pelham and other parts of Westchester County stemming from the optical scanning machines known as ImageCast. There are 1,500 of them throughout the county.

Though Corrinne Beveridge of Mount Kisco said she “felt very bad” for the election workers, she said it was a bad scene at Mount Kisco Public Library — the machines had jammed before 8 a.m. (In the interest of disclosure, she’s married to political media consultant Bill O’Reilly.)

“Their frustration level was very high and it wasn’t even 8 a.m.,” she said of poll workers.

“I had more confidence with the old-school lever machines,” Beveridge added. “For the machines to fail within the first hour, I guess it’s not surprising given the state of New York politics.”

No word yet on how the Board of Elections is coping with the challenges, though one BOE worker told The Journal News this morning that there were roughly 70 people answering phones at the main office and that lines were “lit up like a Christmas tree.”

Check back later for updates.


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  1. here is the problem with the way the ballots and machines
    are designed..

    1. the ballot isn’t really private since someone is looking
    over your back to make sure you place the ballot in the
    scanner properly …for that he pulls out the ballot from
    the privacy pouch enabling him to see how you voted for
    governor at least
    2. any stray mark on a ballot near the name of a second
    candidate will make the ballot be if you touch
    with the special pen the circle of one candidate you can’t
    change your mind unlike the mechanical levers where all you
    had to do was pull the lever up or down

    3. the results are kept on some sort of chip device..
    who knows whether anyone is capable of compromising the
    results by hacking…that remains to be seen

  2. Great job by Lafayette and Colety who grab 300 grand combined (part time) to see to it that on two days a year the voting machines function properly.