Voting machine irregularities: What have you experienced?


We carried a report earlier today on about trouble with new electronic voting machines in Pelham. We’re gathering reports now about problems elsewhere in the Lower Hudson Valley. What have you experienced in using the new optical-scan machines today? Did you have any trouble? Or was your voting procedure smooth?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. In Yonkers the machines were not working by 6:30a, they made us use affidavits instead. The workers tried their best, but clearly had no idea on what to do when the machine went down. Pretty sure my vote won’t count.

  2. Voting was easy. Could have been more staff to help those that were totally confused but otherwise, simple.

  3. Not happy with experience…No one seemed to know what to do. Everyone was giving instructions and seemed very nervous. I was given the wrong pen to use…the “privacy area to where you fill in the little circles to vote is a joke..once the paper was slid into the machine it said 2 ballots…not sure what that means when I voted for four people…November is going to be a horror show.

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