With one district left to count, Katz widens lead over Borkowski in 99th AD


Results continue to roll in from the Republican primary in the 99th Assembly District, and challenger Steve Katz has widened his lead.

Ahead by 241 votes Wednesday with all but five Westchester districts reporting, he is now up by 253 votes. One district still remains untallied. According to the Westchester County Board of Elections, the missing districts were from all three towns in the county’s portion of the district.

Though Katz was ready to declare victory Tuesday night, the party’s nominee, Jim Borkowski, said he would hold out until all the votes were tallied.

Either way, Borkowski will remain in the race on the Conservative line in November. Katz has the Independence line. Attorney Brendan Tully of Yorktown is the Democrat in the race. The 99th covers seven towns in northern Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties.

Here are the updated results so far…

Dutchess (Pawling)

Borkowski – 246
Katz – 325

Write-in – 1

Putnam (Carmel, Southeast and Patterson)

Borkowski – 2,144
Katz – 2,137

Write-in – 3

Westchester (Yorktown, Somers and North Salem) 98% of districts reporting

Borkowski – 1,725
Katz – 1,906

94 Absentee ballots cast

Total – 126 of 127 districts reporting

Borkowski – 4,115
Katz – 4,368

Updated to note absentee ballots and write-in votes cast where available.


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  1. Jim, giving the fact that you again fell short in this race, why don’t you submit a letter to the BOE stating that you’re moving and spare yourself the agony of yet another defeat in November.

  2. According to Westchester BoE and Putnam BoE websites, all the absentee/paper ballots are reflected in the count above. More absentee ballots could come in the mail, but obviously not enough – if there were 500, Borkowski would have to win 400 (80%) in order to overtake Katz, which is obviously impossible.

  3. Time for Borkowski to take a powder. Last time, he purportedly accepted the Working Families Party (Acorn) endorsement; then this time, gets in the way of definitively burying the ultra- liberal Tully by grasping at the Conservative endorsement. Time for him to get in line or evaporate. And these third-party groups, state and local, better wise up before their self-serving methodology is totally abandoned by the electorate and they dissolve into the dustbin of history.

  4. Popularity Contest on

    Apples to Apples:
    Putnam County
    Ball 3,995
    Hayworth 3,804
    Leibell 3,206

    Ball actually ended up with the worst job of the three, I think I’d much rather be a Congresswoman or County Executive, wouldn’t you, I bet he wishes he could have that one back seeing as he is the most popular elected official in Putnam County…

  5. Minor parties should not be able to cross endorse..it
    opens the door to political extortion..mike kaplowitz
    for example was endorsed by the independence party for
    state senate..while the westchester county chairman
    of that party is on the state senate payroll..isn’t there
    something wrong with that..abolishing cross endorsements
    would solve the problem..rick lazio has the conservative
    party line while paladino has the republican line..now
    the conservative party may in fact not get the 50m votes
    required to remain in business.watch them give lazio
    a judicial nomination in long island just to get him
    off the ballot