Former State GOP Chairman Cuts Cuomo Ad


Pat Barrett, the Syracuse-area former state GOP chairman from 1988-91, is out with an ad through the Cuomo campaign touting Andrew Cuomo as the best candidate for governor.

He’s “worried and angry.” Cuomo’s GOP opponent Carl Paladino is “mad as hell.”

Here’s the script and the ad. Barrett’s involvement with the Cuomo is nothing new. He’s among the Republicans heading the Republicans for Cuomo effort.

“I’m an upstate businessman and former Republican party chairman.
I’m worried and angry.
We need jobs and our government is broken.
One man can change that… Andrew Cuomo.
He has the ability, independence and guts to take on Albany’s special interests and get results for the people.
Sure, I’m a Republican.
But this year it can’t be about politics… it’s about fixing what’s broken.
That’s why I’m for Andrew Cuomo”


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