Senate Democrats Ship $300,000 To Three Candidates


The Senate Democratic Campaign Committee last month transferred $303,645 to three Senate candidates, campaign finance records show.

The campaign committee shipped $100,035 to Mary Wilmot’s bid against Republican Sen. James Alesi in Monroe County; $118,963 to Democratic incumbent Sen. Craig Johnson on Long Island and $84,647 to Michael Kaplowitz’ race against Assemblyman Greg Ball, a Republican, to fill the seat being vacated by GOP Sen. Vincent Leibell in the Hudson Valley.

Kaplowitz and Ball are in a tight race, today’s Siena poll shows. Democrats have expressed hope that Wilmot can run strong against Alesi, but today’s poll shows Alesi with a wide lead.


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  1. The Democrat’s see blood, they will invest deeply in the Senate race to take out Ball. Just think about Putnam County without Greg Ball running his mouth, what a beautiful thought. Ball is reminds of noise pollution. With Ball out of office, maybe we can have some sanity back in our County. Remember Ball brought us Yee and Rights from Southeast and the loud mouth Capasso from Patterson.

  2. Only the blind and deaf would not notice for the past year, whenever these polls (here and around the country) have the Dem in the lead or a “neck and neck” race, or the same thing with the RHINO and the tax chopper that the actual vote shows a big, supposedly surprising win for the Republican or the tax chopper.

  3. Assemblymannoshow on

    It’s about time that people realize just exactly what Mr. Ball is, a fraud! He claims he’s for the people but has done nothing for them. He claims to be an outsider yet he’s been inside for the last four years. He claims to be for women’s equality yet voted against the “Equal Pay Act.” He claims that he sponsored legislation providing tuition assistance for returning veterans when truth be told the legislation was already introduced. He just claimed someone else’s idea as his own, and found enough people to believe him. He’s against illegal immigration yet has done nothing about it. He’ll say he’s stood up against Spitzer and the issuing of drivers licenses to immigrants. Yet that has done NOTHING for the illegal immigration problem we face as a state. He says he’s against Taxes yet EVERY year our taxes continue to climb. He’s introduced over a hundred pieces of legislation, and not a single bill has made it out of committee let alone PASSED. Mr. Ball likes to claim he helped pass legislation but the truth is he’s only happened to “sponsor” legislation that’s passed. Yeah, him and more than forty other members of the legislature. What if anything has Mr. Ball done?