Paladino on ‘Today Show’


In continuing his national media appearances, Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino appeared on NBC’s Today Show this morning to take swipes at the Albany establishment and questions over his fitness to govern.

Host Matt Lauer asked him about the racist and pornographic e-mails he’s sent and the past rhetoric which includes taking a “baseball bat” to Albany.

“We have legislators that sit there to wait for what Sheldon Silver to listen for the word for what they should do today,” he said. “My baseball bat is the people, the people.”

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  1. Chris in Hawaii on

    Mr Paladino has my support.

    I have to agree that promoting that same sex couples as equal to married heterosexual couples is detrimental to our children. You must agree that children raised in same sex households will be targets from their piers which will be awful to endure. Unfortunately the Democrats (in general) prefer to promote gay marriage but will refuse that the 10 commandments be taught to our children. Gee, I can’t understand why our young adults have zero moral boundaries.

    I do support Reciprocal Benefits so people that do choose gay relationships can enjoy the same financial and legal benefits as “married” couples. However, I strongly believe that “Marriage” as described in the bible is not a civil right and must be reserved for the Church to agree (or not) with.

    If Marriage Bills are passed as a civil right as may happen here in Hawaii (HB444), I fear the day that same sex couples will have the civil right to force my pastor to conduct a marriage in our church is not far off. This will only be another “win” for the secular establishment that wants to remove our basic values that this country was established on. No wonder that kids today have no respect for their parents, the laws, and the United States. As the parents, it is our job to teach our young ones the basic values that build well balanced adults.

    And a note to Matt Lauer, I expect journalists to remain unbiased and your display on TODAY was shameful with your obvious disgust in your body language and tone of your voice. But we all know which side of the moral boundary line MSNBC falls on.

    I’m switching over to FOX for the rest of the week.

  2. Chris in Hawaii,
    The majority of people in the United States are not Christian and resent being expected to live up to other people’s nonsensical and ridiculous beliefs. If you want to believe in something that makes no sense, that’s your right. But don’t force your laughable ideas on me. Being homosexual has consistently been proven to be genetic. It is not a choice. Anyone who thinks it is a choice is uneducated and ignorant. Studies have already shown that children raised by homosexual couples are not different in any way except one: they are more tolerant of others. I wish you and everyone else who shares your prejudicial and bigoted beliefs were raised by homosexual couples so that you would turn from the hate that you spew and actually try to emulate the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus surrounded himself with lepers, prostitutes, and all the rejected people of his era and saw them as human beings and equals. Can’t you follow in his footsteps and see homosexuals as human beings and equals?