From the Desk of Paul Feiner: These Questions Need to Be Asked


In the next few weeks  candidates for state-wide office (and state legislative races) will spend  time debating the issues. It’s my hope that the following questions will be asked of all candidates running for office this year. I believe that the discussion of the following issues could result in significant taxpayer savings:

QUESTION 1: If elected, would you support state legislation that would eliminate pension padding? Should salaries of state and local employees be based on salary, excluding overtime?

QUESTION 2: Would you support a change in the state law that currently takes away the power of elected officials to set salaries of their employees?  In some cases (police, fire-for example) local officials do not have the ability to unilaterally decide on salaries. When there is an impasse between the union and local officials  concerning salaries  arbitration panels can overrule local officials and impose salary hikes that result in unaffordable tax hikes. In the past arbitration panel awards have been very generous. These excessive increases make it more difficult for local officials to keep property taxes down. The threat of large arbitration awards may result in settlements that are higher than what normally would be awarded.

QUESTION 3: Last year the NY State Legislature provided voters with the ability to petition for a referendum for the consolidation of local governments and fire districts. Should voters have the ability to petition for a referendum to consolidate other levels of government? Which levels?

QUESTION 4: State mandates have resulted in higher property taxes. If you are elected would you promise not to vote for any mandate on school districts, county or local governments UNLESS the state fully reimbursed the entity for the cost of implementing the mandate?

I hope that the media and taxpayers will ask all candidates running for office this year to answer the above questions.


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  1. MEMO to PAUL: Physician! Heal thyself!

    You’ve mismanaged Greenburgh, but because of your aw-shucks grassroots support, people never hold you accountable. So now you can the world what to do!

    A total joke.

  2. tell us about the 30 million dollar library
    you built paul…whats the matter couldn’t see the
    tech revolution coming?