GOP has new challenger for Lowey


Cortes DeRussy isn’t much for free passes, so he’s mounting a write-in campaign against 11-term Democratic Congressmwoman Nita Lowey.

While he has the Republican Party’s backing, he won’t have their line.

The 70-year-old Yonkers man has two weeks, no money and little, if any, political name recodnition, but he believes his conservative fiscal message will resonate enough that voters will learn to spell his name correctly on election day. They’ll have to in order to write it on the ballot.

“If we get the issues out certainly we have a chance,” DeRussy said earlier today, standing with Republicans and Conservatives on the steps of GOP headquarters on Mamaroneck Avenue. “This is not easy.

“If it catches fire, it could be meaningful.”

DeRussy, a business executive, former chief executive officer and former Bronxville trustee, said Democrats spent too much, raised taxes too high and increased the national debt, creating long-term problems for this country.

“You can’t tax a heck of a lot more. The lemon is getting squeezed dry,” he said.

Republicans dropped their support for Jim Russell after controversial writings on race, religion and intermingling surfaced on the Web.

Since a candidate must die, move out of state or be nominated for a judgeship to be moved off a ballot line, Russell remains on the Republican and Conservative lines.

Read more tomorrow in The Journal News.


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  1. the consultant on

    what is important here is the symbolic withdrawal of
    support from russel by the republican party…coudos
    to its chairman

  2. Koudos to Cortes DeRussy for stepping in to invest his time and energy into a write-in campaign for Congress. Nita Lowey must see competition. She is a typical tax and spend liberal. A good showing for Cortes DeRussy on election day says a lot to the politicians. It tells them their policies have failed us and that it’s time to change the one-party rule in New York.

  3. Agreed. This is a good thing. I can now vote for someone in good conscience on Election Day. I’ll have to write his name down to get it right.

  4. Apparently, DeRussy does not understand the Great Recession, which began in 2007, was caused mainly by George W. Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy and his beginning two wars that were not paid for. The best way to reduce the deficit is not to extend those tax cuts. So, the GOP is moving from one extremist to another. White supremacist and anti-Semite Jim Russell was an awful candidate, but DeRussy is not much better.

    It should be noted that the Conservative Party has never criticized Russell and apparently supports him and his racist and anti-Semitic views.

  5. Addendum: Even limited research has revealed DeRussy to be active in the birther movement.

  6. I would do anything to not have to see Nita Lowey’s ugly face anymore. Her horrible bland mailings have been arriving lately, and it is the same tired nonsense. “nita is working for you.” No she isn’t, she is just a self serving rubber stamp. Literally has nothing that can be called character, and even her campaign bilge uses pathetic stock photos.

    Please, westchester, please, can’t we finally be rid of that witch Neeet-ah Lowwey??

    Have you noticed I can’t stand Nita Lowey?

  7. Cortes DeRussy? Who? Doug Colety, Chairman of the Westchester Republicans, is a buffoon. Does he know what he is doing at all?

    And why shouldn’t Cortes be taken to task about his comments regarding Fidel Castro? Russell is supposedly racist for his writings. Is Cortes communist for his writings?

    To the 2 commentators who misspell “coudos” and “koudos”. The word is spelled “KUDOS”! Your comments have lost all credibility because you both don’t know how to spell.

    I want to point out that the smear against Jim Russell is exactly that! A smear. The same smear tactics were used by Nita Lowey against Joseph DioGuardi. Listen to what Joe says at

    And Rabbi Leiter supports Jim Russell because of Russell’s views on Children’s Advocacy.

  8. Nita is your classic super-rich limousine liberal who has got hers, but wants to increase taxes on her “rich” (those making over 250K) Westchester constituents. She’s been in DC too long, but as a career politician, she can’t let go.

  9. Roberto,

    Quoting material from Russell’s own campaign site isn’t exactly the strongest tactic in making an argument for him.

    You lose credibility for that.

  10. Excuse me major,

    Did you watch the video I mentioned or not? The words spoken in the video are Joe DioGuardi’s not Jim Russell’s.

    How about going to the Federal Election Committee website and looking at the Nita Lowey charge of financial irregularities and subsequent fine of $3500.00 for putting in $250,000.00 of her own money into her campaign? Read for yourself:

    Jim Russell was never charged, never fined, never investigated for ANYTHING! This is a smear campaign perpetrated by Nita Lowey.

    At 72-years-of age, Nita Lowey should be sent to the unemployment line, just as 8,000 Westchester county residents who have lost their jobs have. The money Lowey sends to the mid-east would be better spent here.

    Now how do you like those apples?

  11. Rep. Lowey wins her elections by as much as 70%. Obviously, the electorate supports this Jewish senior citizen. Most voters do not support the anti-Semitic and racist views of Jim Russell, nor the birther views of Cortes DeRussy.

  12. Nita lowey may indeed be a liberal….in fact she is
    definitely a liberal…she believes in income redistribution and she supports the presidents’ agenda
    big time..even though that agenda has in no way corrected
    the jobless situaiton that continues to plague the nation
    and his foreign policy decisions have also resulted in
    a continuation of the neocon view of the world…having
    said all that replacing nita with someone like jim russel
    who’s writings on race and the jews is disturbing at the
    very least would be cutting off ones nose to spite ones face