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As the battle for a state Senate seat between Republican Assemblyman Greg Ball and Democratic Westchester County Legislator Mike Kaplowitz rages on, we here at Politics on the Hudson offer the following: competing commercials, a Democratic state senator calling Ball a bully and an endorsement for Ball.

For starters, there is the Ball campaign’s commercial responding to an earlier one by Kaplowitz that asked “What is Greg Ball’s Issue with Women?” The Kaplowitz commercial mentioned a former girlfriend of Ball’s obtaining a temporary protection order against him. (As Ball points out , there were joint protective orders and both were mutually dismissed.)

In Ball’s commercial, Lauren Pistone says, “I am Greg Ball’s ex-girlfriend.” While she is an ex-girlfriend, she is not the one whose name appears on the order of protection. (FYI, there may be some some technical difficulties with the video’s appearance, but the audio is fine.)


A column in today’s New York Times discusses this.

Here’s the bully comment:

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And, here is Ball’s endorsement from the New York College Republicans.

The New York State College Republican Committee is proud to announce our endorsement of Greg Ball for New York State Senate.

With the endorsement of Greg Ball, we join millions of like-minded New Yorkers who are sick of empty promises and want to restore New York to its rightful position as the Empire State. College Republicans across the Nation are standing up, and telling their representatives to stop putting “their debt on our tab.” In New York we are doing this by mobilizing college age voters to work for candidates like Greg Ball who support a return to fiscal responsibility.

As a New York State Assemblymen Greg has proven to be a tenacious fighter for the taxpayers of the Hudson Valley. Greg stood up to Sheldon Silver and Governor Paterson and demanded an open budgeting process. Greg Ball, unlike his opponent has never voted for a single tax increase. As a former Air Force officer Greg ball knows what real leadership is and we are confident he will provide it once elected to the State Senate.

Democratic insider, Mike Kaplowitz embodies the warped values of someone who’s sold out to the Democratic establishment. He has continually put his career and financial self-interest above that of the people of the 19th district. Tax Hike Mike is woefully out of touch with the people of the 40th district as evidenced by his votes to increase property tax levies by 54% and sales tax levies by 95%.

According to NY College Republican Spokesman Chris Catt “Tax Hike Mike can try to hide and lie but his record speaks for itself. Tax Hike Mike is no friend of the taxpayer and anyone who he’s ever represented can attest to this.”

As College Republicans, we recognize that the future of our generation is at stake. It is time we bring fiscal responsibility and integrity to Albany.  Sending candidates like Greg Ball to the New York State Senate will do this. The tax and spend mentality of politicians like Mike Kaplowitz is mortgaging the future of our generation and is a threat to all New Yorkers, young and old. This November the voters of 40th district have a choice and the choice is clear.


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  1. So I was reading the College Republicans love letter for Greg Ball and I was thinking “Wow, they haven’t used Tax Hike Mike” yet, and then bam they proved me wrong. Why don’t Kaplowitz supporters call Greg “do nothing Ball” (yeah I know it does not rhyme). And why do newspapers like the Journal News print derogatory nicknames like that in letters to the editor?

    What I do not understand is, how can people keep touting Ball’s tenacious manner and how he has stood up to Sheldon Silver, when he has accomplished nothing in the process?

  2. It’s not very nice that they call Tax Hike Mike “Tax Hike Mike.” Just because he’s never seen a tax hike he doesn’t like and voted for a decade to tax Westchesterites out of their homes and backed every big spending liberal everywhere, in every race he could find, both national and local, why would anyone call Tax Hike Mike “Tax Hike Mike?”

  3. Great Accomplishments on

    Hey “Tax Hike Mike”: stop calling Tax Hike Mike Tax Hike Mike.

    “Ball has accomplished nothing. Really? Like passing laws? Then good.

    Go to his district office, the one Tax Hike Mike keeps claiming is closed and unmanned. My family has been there twice to help with trouble we were having with State agencies, they helped us a great deal, and followed up with us to make sure all was resolved. That’s the job of our representitives, TO REPRESENT.

    Would you prefer, Ball become a multi-millionaire on taxpayer money? Would you prefer Ball set up a myriad of not-for-profits, then fund them with taxpayer money, and then hire political friends and families of political friends in order to control the system in Putnam? Is that an “accomplishment”? Would you prefer Ball build a 10 bedroom/6 bathroom house, all on a $79,500 annual salary, then talk the Governor into turning the 900 acres that borders his property into a State Park, effectively giving himself a 900 acre backyard on the taxpayer dime?

    If this is your idea of accomplishments, you can keep them. I’ll stick with the guy whose district office helped when we needed it most, and who doesn’t enrich himself off the public dole.