Wilson Campaign Responds To DiNapoli Attacks With Fact Sheet


The campaign of Republican comptroller candidate Harry Wilson responded to a mailer and attack ads from his with a fact sheet refuting claims made by his Democratic foe Thomas DiNapoli.

“For the entirety of this campaign, Tom DiNapoli has said little that is either true or substantive,” said the Wilson campaign. “As we enter the closing stages of this campaign, Mr. DiNapoli persists in repeating distortions or outright fabrications, rather than either providing a prescription for badly needed reform or defending his 23-year record of voting for higher taxes and reckless borrowing schemes.”

A Siena poll released last week showed DiNapoli, the incumbent, leading Wilson by double digit percentage points. But 19 percent of voters polled said they didn’t know enough about either candidate to respond. That means this week will probably be a nasty one between both DiNapoli and Wilson as each side tries to define itself.

Accuracy Fact Sheet from Harry Wilson


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  1. that 19% is very troubling…people when it comes to finances are bascially ignorant..its one of the reasons
    we are in the mess we are in..the average person has no
    understanding of interest rates, compounding and investment
    strategies…they are simple stupid to be blunt…and so
    they gravitate to the man who currently holds the office
    who has been able to convince no one with any knowledge of
    pensions and finance that he is qualified to continue…
    frankly the people of this state deserve exactly what they
    get..it is why i shorted the housing market a year before
    the crash and own nothing in new york

  2. I'm still optimistic though on

    Nice for you, Jeffrey, we’re stuck here with this dope DiNapoli.
    The 19% is actually better or worse depending how you look at it. Most people polled have no idea who either man is so they go with the Democrat or the Italian (DiNapoli) over the Republican WASP who’s actually full blooded Greek ( Wilson).
    So that undecided 19% is among the few that can even form an opinion.

    My mom says Wilson’s killing with the ads upstate and she and my dad watch alot of TV so they’d know. Now she’s an independent voter, he’s a democrat like the rest of us, ( my mother just hates politicians ) and we’re all voting for Wilson.

    Come on – the guy is a gift.
    Spread the word Jeffrey – e mail is better than TV even because its from you.

  3. wilson is a once in a lifetime candidate who is running
    to make a differnece…he hardly needs the money but
    he understands how to invest the money.and its taxpayers
    money.he owes nobody nothing..and that is something that
    can’t be said about di napoli…oh and one other thing
    when has the new york times and the new york post ever
    agreed on anything but they do agree that wilson will
    make a great comptroller

  4. if harry wilson is such a fincial genius, explain how he lost half a million dollar of his own money….tom dinapoli for nys comptroller!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Roman Holy Day on

    If he lost 500 thou, it was his own $ – DiNapoli lost 40 BILLION of taxpayers’ money. Capiche?

  6. Wilson did not lose money. Read the fact sheet above. Comments are supposed to be for AFTER you read the blog – not to just spread your candidate’s talking points.

    The money to which you refer was in a fund at Wilson’s old firm. Per his partner agreement he can’t touch that money until 2011. He’s not managing the money so he didn’t “lose” the money.

    I’m voting for Wilson and after reading the Post this morning I wouldn’t be surprised if DiNapoli dropped 5 points in the polls.

  7. Please turn in all compulsive-obsessive punctuation to the Exclamation Police for supervised incineration. Someone’s gonna get hurt!